Apr 2021

I have mixed feelings on Professor Namvar. On one hand, he's really chill and presents lectures very clearly. The homework assignments (case studies) were also very easy, which is nice. He also arranges for lots of guest speakers to come to class, which is awesome! However, I feel like I learned a lot more from the textbook than I did from the lectures, which I barely managed to pay attention to. He also didn't record Zoom classes and hosted recitations on the same day and time every week, both of which are things that made this class less enjoyable to me as an international student. (Also this was a cameras-on class if you care about that!)

Mar 2021

Easy professor, easy class, easy grade. However, what I found most intriguing about her class is how little I walked away with after paying out so much for a semester course. I'm all for the easy A in exchange for sitting around for a few hours but there should at least be a microscopic amount of interesting information. All in all, this is like some kind of community college 101-grade course being taught at Uris. I'd just shut it and go along for the easy A but it's just ridiculous how Columbia even approved this as a class and is charging the private school premium rate for it.

Jan 2021

I haven't taken too many Econ electives yet, but this is one of my top 3 econ classes so far at Columbia. The format of this class worked perfectly over zoom, since Tri Vi posts his slides ahead of time, and then explains and adds to them during class. He's a super clear lecturer and his slides are also super clear. It may seem like you can skip class due to how comprehensive the slides are, but I don't recommend it because Tri Vi adds important details and clarifications, and also interesting examples. I only went to the TA named Bozidar, but he was incredibly helpful for tricky homework problems. What impressed me the most about this class was how invested Tri Vi was in the success of his students in office hours. He makes plenty of time each week for questions/concerns during office hours and makes sure that every student got their questions answered. I'm sure you could have a good experience if you don't engage further in the material than just going to class, but if you need help at all or just want to learn more about a specific topic in the class, office hours make all the difference. 10/10 class, I would definitely recommend.

Jan 2021

Honestly, I don't know where does all this hatred for Tri Vi comes from in the reviews... Yes, he is not the most engaging instructor at Columbia. But so what? I learned a fair amount from the class and more importantly, this class has a super light workload. With that being said, it's true that he didn't really teach the materials in depth. Make your own judgments here, but I do wanna put the record straight.

Jan 2021

Henri is not an experienced teacher. He understands math well, but he has a long way to go before he can explain math well. I was expecting someone to actually explain the math in detail than a speed writer who just copies Rudin on the blackboard. Anyway, he's not an annoying professor, but very me·di·o·cre.