May 2021

Although I had to take this course remotely, I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about different facets of the dance criticism industry, the process of dance criticism, and a different point of view for viewing and analyzing dance. The class was very process-oriented, allowing for us to re-write reviews to improve and emphasizing the development of the skills and perspective necessary to be a good critic. The readings for the class were really fascinating, as were the discussions that we had. I also really enjoyed the opportunities for creativity and exploration within the reviews and the final project. For my final, I got to create a 20-minute podcast and I was very proud of the product and felt like it showcased my improvement over the term. Professor Burke is wonderful! She is very organized and great at communicating. You can also tell that she cares about her students, as evidenced by the fair grading, insightful feedback, and how available she makes herself to students. We had two different sets of one on one conferences with her, in addition to her having office hours every week and being very responsive to emails. Overall, I thought that this was a great class, and I definitely recommend it for a dance elective.

Feb 2021

I am not a dancer and all of my praise will support everything else on here, but I really do want to stress how phenomenal Caitlin is as an educator. I had never danced before and it was hard enough to do so on Zoom - but I was continually impressed by her focus on accessibility, her versatility in the face of tech problems, and her consistent emphasis on the ways personal experience/upbringing/cultural differences affect one's relationship with movement.

Jan 2021

Professor Williams is an awesome teacher! You can tell that he really cares about the material and about his students. He's really accommodating about stress/deadlines. I took this class to fulfill a foundations req (at the time I took it, it fulfilled Thinking Historically and Thinking Globally), but I loved it so much I'm considering switching my major to Dance. I will admit, this was a pretty challenging class. To do well (on the papers and on the exam), you really do need to do the readings and pay attention and take notes in class. Prof. Williams is a really engaging lecturer, though, so I never found the class boring or tedious. The readings can be a little dry, but most of the important stuff he mentions in class. This class covers a lot in a very short period of time, but all the material builds off of itself in a really cool way. Highly recommend.

Dec 2020

Worst class I have ever taken in college. This is literally a one-credit pass/fail PE course and I spend several hours a day doing her assignments and Professor Glasner is a very strict grader. She does not leave a single word unread and WILL gladly give zeros for any assignment that is not to "her liking". She does not applaud the effort, instead, she demands her students to submit papers for each class and she always calls out students in class, singling them out and embarrassing them in front of everyone. Do not take this course if you are just taking it for PE credit, because the workload is equivalent to a 3 or 4 credit course, and beware of harsh grading.

Aug 2020

This man is the absolute sweetest. He brings a lot of great energy to the room, gives lots of feedback and doesn't take himself too seriously. This is a great class for those who have little to no dance experience. If you're worried about putting money down for the attire needed for this class (it's really just the ballet flats), he's really communicative and helpful in directing you to the resources that can help alleviate those costs. Please take a ballet class if you ever had an inkling of interest, and try and take it with McCloskey! I had a morning class and honestly it was a pain to get to, but super rewarding afterwards.