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  • Absent Bodies
  • Advanced Studies in South Asian Culture, Society and History
  • Africa: African Youth and Identity Politics
  • Africa and the Anthropologist
  • Africa: Culture and Society
  • African Primal Sexual Semiotics: An Oral History
  • Agent, Person, Subject, Self
  • Ancient Egyptian Civilization
  • Anime Effect: Japanese Media
  • Anthropological Theory I
  • Anthropological Theory II
  • Anthropology and Science
  • Anthropology of Consumption
  • Anthropology of Islam
  • Anthropology of Jazz
  • Anthropology of Migration and Trafficking Women
  • Anthropology of Performance
  • Anthropology of Religion and Society
  • Anthropology of the Anthropocene
  • Anthropology of the War Machine
  • Anticolonialism
  • Arabia Imagined
  • Archaeology and Africa
  • Archaeology Before the Bible
  • Archaeology, Film, Fantasy and Fiction
  • Archaeology of Idols
  • Biological Basis of Human Variation
  • Black Movements in the U.S.
  • Body and Society
  • Borders and Boundaries
  • Changing East Asian Foodways
  • Chinese Society
  • Chinese Strategies
  • Colloquium in Anthropology of Religion
  • Colonial Encounters in North America
  • Conception and the Fetus (Cross-Culturally)
  • Corruption in Critical Perspective
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Cultural Anthropolgy
  • Culture, Mental Health, and Clinical Practice
  • Culture of Oedipus
  • Culture of Public Art and Display in NYC
  • Culture through Film and Media
  • East Asian Societies and Cultures
  • Environment and Development
  • Ethnoarchaeology of Cities
  • Ethnographic Fieldwork in New York City
  • Ethnographies of the Middle East
  • Ethnography of the Everyday
  • Exiles/Enclosures/Dystopias
  • Film and Culture
  • Fluent Bodies
  • Functional Linguistics
  • Gandhi's India
  • Gender, Culture, and Human Rights
  • Globalization and Citizenship
  • History and Memory
  • History of Racialization in America
  • Human Skeletal Biology I
  • Hunter-Gatherers: Presents, Pasts and Possible Futures
  • Ideas and Society in the Caribbean
  • Imagining the City
  • Inquiries into an Interconnected World
  • Introduction to Environmental Anthropology
  • Introduction to Language and Culture
  • Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Introduction to Social Sciences
  • Introduction to South Asian History and Culture
  • Intro to African Culture Studies
  • Intro to Language and Culture, Communicative Practices of Difference
  • Intro to Social and Cultural Theory
  • Islam and Theory
  • Islamic Law
  • Islands
  • Jazz and the Political Imagination
  • Labour, Exchange, Measurement, and Value
  • Language and Discourse in the Media
  • Language, Culture, and Gender
  • Language Matters
  • Latino History
  • Living in Society
  • Lost World, Secret Spaces: The Child and Modernity
  • Madness and Civilization
  • Magic, Witchcraft, & Modernity
  • Magic, Witchcraft, & Modernity
  • Major Debates in the Study of Africa
  • Mass Mediations of Modernity
  • Maxium Cinemas: India/Nigeria
  • Memorials & Collective Memory
  • Mesoamerican Encounters
  • Mexican Migration
  • Migration and Trafficking
  • Migration and Trafficking of Women
  • Millennial Futures: Culture in Japan
  • Muslim Societies
  • Nationalism
  • Native America
  • Opera's Dialogic Stage
  • Pirates, Boys & Capitalism
  • Politics of Sensibility / Sensory Order
  • Pre-Columbian histories of america
  • Primitive Communism: Gift and Fetish
  • Principles/Applications of Socio-Cultural Anthropology
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • Race and Sex in Science and Social Practice
  • Religion in Chinese Society
  • Rewriting Modernity
  • Science and Society
  • Semiotic Anthropology
  • Shadowlands: History and Culture of Indonesia
  • Social Life in Ancient Egypt
  • Social Production of Technologies
  • Specters of Culture
  • spring2002
  • Symbolic Anthropology
  • Taboo and Transgression
  • Text, Magic, Performance
  • The Ancient Empires
  • The Anthropology of Media
  • The Anthropology of War
  • The Emergence of State Society
  • The Ethnographic Imagination
  • The Interpretation Of Culture
  • Theories of Culture
  • The Origins of Human Society
  • The Rise of Civilization
  • The Road
  • The Subject of Rights
  • Topics in the Anthropology of Finance
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Urban Guerrillas
  • Utopian Futures, Anthropological Pasts
  • V1009 Introduction to Language and Culture
  • V3855
  • Women and Gender in the Muslim World
  • Women and Gender Politics in the Muslim World
  • May 2021

    I took this class during the semester where everything transferred online. I had no idea what Lila was talking about most of the time, but the material was interesting. I have an intellectual crush on that woman though, so I dealt with it.

    May 2021

    I took this class during the semester where everything transferred online. I had no idea what Lila was talking about most of the time, but the material was interesting. I have an intellectual crush on that woman though, so I dealt with it.

    Apr 2021

    I want to like this course more than I do. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous review in saying that I left every lecture feeling like something important was said but having no idea what it was. I continuously found myself taking notes by simply writing word for word what she said because I didn't understand her enough to reword it. Her lectures, of which she uses no PowerPoints, feels as though she is simply talking at you for an hour and a half, and nearly all of it goes in one ear and out the other. Because of this, the assignments were often just me stringing together random thoughts from lecture and regurgitating them into an essay. Prof. Morris is very intelligent and kind, I simply just don't understand anything she says.

    Apr 2021

    prof is the best but goddamn this course was hella boring. I took it because I needed to fill gened reqs but holy I regretted it a month in. you have to read an entire book in a week. if you've never had an interest in anthro then don't take it but the professor is super fun. nothing against him but the class itself was super meh

    Apr 2021

    It is clear that Prof. Naor is very passionate about the subject. However, I do want to mention that (at least with the online modality) if you do pay close attention to what he is saying, the words don't make much sense. I ended up not paying attention in lectures from around the halfway point in the semester (week 7/8) and honestly my grades got better from there once I devoted my time to focus on the readings and how they applied to the papers. All of Naor's slides consist of quotes from the readings and no new information - except for one lecture about Pirates. The papers are weighted differently - which allows you to absorb and apply feedback without questioning what the prof is looking for on a big assignment.