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  • 1st Year Modern Hebrew
  • 2nd Year Modern Hebrew
  • Advanced Arabic
  • Advanced Hindi I
  • Advanced Modern Hebrew I
  • Advanced Turkish I
  • Arabian Nights in Narrative Tradition
  • arabic
  • Arabic for Heritage Speakers I
  • Arabic for Heritage Speakers II
  • Arabic I
  • Arabic Poetic Consciousness
  • Armenian
  • Central Questions in Islamic Law
  • Cinema and Society in Asia and Africa
  • Colloquium on Major Middle Eastern and East Asian Texts
  • Colloquium on Major Texts of the Middle East and India
  • Colonialism
  • Composition & Style in Arabic Literature I
  • Conflict-(non) Resolution
  • Contemporary Islamic Civilization
  • Contemporary Israeli Short Story
  • Critical Theory: A Global Perspective
  • Culture and Power in Iraqi Literature
  • Death & Law
  • elementary arabic2 , intermediate arabic 1
  • Elementary Arabic I
  • Elementary Arabic II
  • Elementary Bengali I
  • Elementary Classical Tibetan I
  • Elementary Hindi 1 & 2
  • Elementary Hindi I, Elementary Hindi II, Intermediate Hindi I
  • Elementary Hindi-Urdu I
  • Elementary Modern Eastern Armenian
  • Elementary Modern Hebrew I
  • Elementary Modern Hebrew II
  • Elementary Modern Turkish I
  • Elementary Modern Turkish II
  • Elementary Persian I
  • Elementary Persian, Intermediate Persian
  • Elementary Sanskrit I
  • Elementary Swahili I
  • Elementary Wolof
  • Elementary Yiddish I
  • Epics and Empires: Shahnameh
  • First-Year Arabic I
  • Freud & Derrida: An Introduction
  • General Politics of Modern Iran
  • Hebrew for Heritage Speakers I
  • Hindi
  • Hindi for Heritage Speakers I
  • Honors Thesis Seminar
  • Intermediate Arabic I
  • Intermediate Arabic I
  • Intermediate Arabic I, Beginning I, Beginning II
  • Intermediate Hebrew: Intensive Grammer Review
  • Intermediate Hindi II
  • Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
  • Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
  • Intermediate Modern Turkish I
  • Intermediate Persian
  • Intermediate Swahili I
  • Introduction to Classical Arabic Literature
  • Introduction to Indian Civilizations
  • Introduction to Islamic Civilization
  • Introduction to Major Topics in the Civilizations of the Middle East and India
  • Introduction to Modern African History
  • Introduction to Political Thought in the Modern Middle East
  • Introduction to the Civilization of India
  • Intro to Hebrew Literature
  • Intro to Israeli Literature
  • Iran: A Culture in History
  • Iran: Film Fiction Poetry History
  • Islam and Western Science
  • Islamic Context of a Thousand Arabian Nights
  • Islam in Modern Arabic Lit
  • Islam in South Asia
  • Jews and Arabs
  • Jews and Christians in Southeast Asia
  • Jews and the City
  • Late Ottoman State & Society
  • Literature and Cultures of Struggle in South Africa
  • MDE W3000y: Theories of CultureL Middle East and South Asia
  • Ottoman Turkish
  • Palestinian and Israeli Politics and Societies
  • Palestinian-Israeli Politics
  • Persian
  • Postzioinism and Postmodernism in Hebrew Prose
  • Readings In Hebrew Texts I
  • Readings in Urdu Literature I
  • Science Across Cultures
  • Second Year Arabic 1
  • Secularism & Its Critics
  • Societies/Cultures Indian Ocean
  • Sociology of Middle Eastern Cinema
  • South African Lit and Cultural Struggles
  • South Asia II: Empire & Aftermath
  • Tamil I, II
  • Themes in the Arabic Novel
  • Themes in the Arabic Novel
  • Theories of Culture, Antihumanism
  • Theories of Culture in Middle East/India
  • Theory and Culture
  • The Post-Colonial Arabic Novel
  • Third Year Arabic
  • Topics in Asian Civilization: Middle East & India
  • Upper Intermediate Hebrew II
  • Urdu for Heritage Speakers
  • W1101-W1102 Elementary Bengali
  • Women Writing In India, Epics of India
  • Zionism: A Cultural Perspective
  • Jun 2021

    If there was a nugget higher than gold, Prof. Shelley definitely deserves it. He's an amazing professor and very knowledgeable and welcoming. The course is very friendly to those of all knowledge levels and experiences. A great class that's actually discussion based and gives you a chance to explore a variety of works of literature. The reading could get somewhat overwhelming, especially if you take the course in the intensive format, but Prof. Shelley is very accommodating and is obviously more concerned with you learning and enjoying your exploration of the texts than with nitpicking about grades and deadlines. His interest in the subject matter is apparent and constantly reinforcing the themes and info from previous works. I took this course as a global core with limited experience with the texts (and as a stem major) and I'm finding the works interesting and the class to be very engaging and enriching. 11/10 take any class with this prof if you can.

    May 2021

    Hallaq is undoubtedly a pioneer in his field, and he makes this known in his seminars and classes. While he is a very knowledgeable person, he is very intimidating and this is certainly off-putting, especially when it comes to participation in the class. He treats the course like law school, and cold calls on students for summaries of the texts, so make sure to read them!!! Regardless, you come out of the class with a very different view of what Islamic law entails.

    May 2021

    Fascinating class and incredible professor!!! I loved this class so much. We went through 4 religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism) and discussed their approaches to evil and suffering. The classes were a mixture of lecture (no slides, just a handout with bullet points/terms) and large-class discussion. I'm not a huge fan of trying to have discussions in large lecture classes, but it honestly went okay. I just really loved the material of the course. It felt like everything that we learned about actually mattered, and I was also introduced to many religious concepts I had never heard of before (I'm neither a religion or South Asian/Middle Eastern studies major.) Pro McDermott also went above and beyond this semester. Her lectures were engaging and nuanced. She always acknowledged her shortcomings on any religious tradition she was less familiar with. She even organized a panel of speakers from the different religious traditions to speak with us on the last day. Beyond that though, she stepped in with the grad-student strike and began grading all of our discussion posts and papers, returning them to us even more quickly and with much more detailed comments than the TA's did. She also held our weekly TA discussions for us. I have no idea how she found the time, truly a mystery. Overall, she is such a kind-hearted professor and it's obvious how dedicated to her students and their learning she is.

    May 2021

    Did Prof Como suddenly decide to not care? I took this class because I read the amazing reviews about his teaching. That's the problem: he didn't teach. The student-led discussions were a complete disaster. Its laziness obscured as pedagogy. He would speak for maybe 15-20 minutes at most per class--and most of what he says is either so simplistic or some dumb anecdote none of us care about. Don't take this class unless you want to basically pay thousands of dollars for a book club.

    Apr 2021

    The class is okay. The content is generally interesting but the readings are a bit more work than I expected. They are also primarily fiction and especially literature, so if you want to focus more on non-fiction texts this might not be the class for you. I wouldn't say the class is hard but I also don't think it's an easy A -- I might just have a harshly grading TA though, I don't know. Professor Wenzel is nice and generally understanding, but the class was generally her lecturing with minimal accompanying PowerPoints. I'm sure this style of teaching fits other students better but I found it extremely hard to focus.