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  • 20th Century Composition
  • Advanced Counterpoint
  • Advanced Piano Instruction
  • A History of Country Music
  • American Musical
  • Analysis of Tonal Music
  • Asian Music Hum
  • Bach Vocal Music
  • Barnard-Columbia Chamber Singers
  • Basic Electroacoustics
  • BC1001-BC1002 Introduction to Music
  • BC1001-BC1002 Introduction to Music; Choir
  • BC3140 Introduction to Vocal Rep. and Technique
  • Beethoven
  • Chorus
  • Chromatic Harmony and Counterpoint
  • Chromatic Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • Chromatic Harmony and Counterpoint I, II
  • Collegium Musicum
  • Columbia-Barnard Chorus
  • Conducting Music of Our Time
  • Country Music, Music and Language
  • Diatonic
  • Diatonic 2319
  • Diatonic Harmony
  • Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint
  • Diatonic Harmony & Counterpoint
  • Diatonic I and II
  • Diatonic I & II
  • Ear-Training
  • Ear Training I
  • Ear Training II
  • Ear Training III
  • Ear Training IV
  • Ear Training V
  • Elementary Piano Instruction II
  • Film Music
  • Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Fundamentals of Western Music
  • Fundamentals of Western Music V1002
  • Fund. of Western Music
  • Harmony and Counterpoint (Diatonic/Chromatic)
  • History of African American Music
  • History of Music I: Middle Ages to Baroque
  • History of Western Music - Ancient through Baroque
  • Instrumentation
  • Intermediate Piano Instruction
  • Introduction to Digital Music
  • Introduction to Ear Training
  • Introduction to Music
  • Introduction to Piano
  • Introduction to Vocal Repertoire
  • Intro to Ear-Training
  • Intro. to Ear-Training
  • Intro to Jazz
  • Intro to Music
  • Intro to Music, I
  • Intro to Music, I and II
  • Intro to Music II
  • Intro to Music I, II
  • Intro to Music Part II
  • intro to piano
  • Jazz
  • Jazz/Improvised Music After 1950
  • John Cage and the New York School
  • Listening and Sound in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Listening to hip hop
  • Middle Ages and Renaisance
  • MIDI Music Production Techniques
  • MIDI Music Production Techniques
  • Mozart
  • Mozart V2024
  • MUSC 3139 Introduction to Vocal Rep.
  • Music and Language
  • Music and Nationalism
  • Music, Gender, Performance
  • Music History II
  • Music Humanities
  • Music in Latin America
  • Music in the United States
  • Music of Brahms
  • Music of East Asia & Southeast Asia
  • Music of the Baroque
  • Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Music of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
  • Music of the Modern Period
  • Music, Race, & Nation
  • Musics of India and West Asia
  • Music Theory I
  • Music Theory III
  • Music Theory IV
  • Opera
  • Orchestration
  • Organ
  • Organ Instruction
  • Piano
  • Piano (beginner)
  • Piano Instruction
  • Piano Lessons
  • Popular Music in Latin America
  • Popular Musics of the Caribbean
  • Popular Musics of the Caribbean: Salsa, Soca, and Reggae
  • Recorded Sound
  • Rock
  • Stravinsky and Instrumentation
  • Techniques of 20th Century Music
  • The New Thing-Jazz 1955-1990
  • The Opera
  • The Social Science of Music
  • V1002 Fundamentals of Western Music
  • V1593-V1594 Barnard-Columbia Chorus
  • V2013 Pop Music of the Americas: Africa!
  • V2016 Jazz
  • V2020 Salsa, Soca, Reggae: Popular Music of the Caribbean
  • V2023 Beethoven; V2023 Mozart; V3125 Music of the Classical and Romantic Periods
  • V2023 Mozart; V2026 The Symphony
  • V2025 The Opera
  • V2315 Ear-Training II
  • V2318 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • V2318-V2319 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint
  • V3124 Music of the Baroque
  • V3125 Music of the Classical and Romantic Periods
  • V3140 Vocal Repertoire, Technique, and Expression
  • V3321-V3322 Chromatic Harmony and Counterpoint
  • May 2021

    I had a fine time in this class with Peter. Pretty good teacher, will answer your questions. Sometimes a wee bit vague, but he is a really fair grader so that makes up for it. Made us go to mandatory office hours on Saturdays though, which was just honestly pretty mean. He lived in Paris for a summer, which was entertaining to hear about. I feel like he knows his wines and cheeses. anyways. take this class if it's offered, but that isn't really how the music department works. it was fine. so few complaints.

    May 2021

    Professor Chami is highly knowledgeable in the material and also cared greatly about his students -- a combination that makes for an incredible learning experience. He wanted us all to think critically and apply theoretical concepts across our exploration of different cultures and aspects of music. Provided critical historical background, and wasn't shy about talking through different political perspectives regarding those histories, which I really appreciated. He makes a very welcoming environment to express different opinions (as long as they weren't super dumb), as well as express a lack of understanding of a topic so that you may be filled in (very much the opposite of most elitist Columbia experiences). Assignments were geared towards learning necessary skills, such as writing abstracts and describing sound. Additionally, when we did not do so well on an assignment, he would devote part of the next class to talking through how to do it better. My only qualm is that he never performed his own instrument for the class. I will just look him up on youtube. Also -- you don't have to know the technical aspects of music at all! very accessible. you should absolutely take this class!

    Apr 2021

    If you're a STEM student looking for an easy A in a humanities course this ** MIGHT ** be it. You will be writing some essays, doing some research. But it's actually interesting and Gail really wants to help. Some professors aren't made for teaching — Gail is not one of these teachers! She is so sweet, so wholesome, honestly what a f*cking GEM! Nobody deserves this woman except her 25-year-old turtle that she promised to one day bring to class for us. Overall, this lady wants to help you learn. Put in an ounce of effort, come listen to some nice music, it's a worthwhile class. I bet it's pretty boring for real music majors though, it's a decently easy class overall.

    Mar 2021

    Got an A- in this class, and was frankly harder to do so than a 3000 level Physics course. Absolute snobbiest man on earth; zero sense of humor, and does not let you know how you are doing in class. Very boring class and DeGraf WILL randomly pick you, so you have to come prepared, and even so, there's no guarantee you'll even get a B in the course. AVOID at all costs.

    Feb 2021

    Overall, he's a great professor. He's VERY passionate about what he teaches and his enthusiasm really shows during his lectures. Sometimes I think he overextends himself in terms of connecting various historical events to the music/culture of a specific country, but overall he does a good job of introducing you to the big names of each musical genre. Having completed the course, I felt I learned a lot about music in general, and the various genres addressed by this class. What really irritated me about this instructor however is how he tries very hard to act like a "woke hipster", probably because he's a white man who is talking about musical artists who are predominantly black. It's incredibly "cringe" to watch and I wish he would just stop, but it persisted throughout the entire semester. In terms of the actual grade, this class is extremely easy. There are three concert reports that are 3 pages each. As long as you reference the terms he brings up in class and the readings, you'll do fine. There is a final project that is due at the end of the class and he gives you a lot of freedom to do whatever you want. The final exam was commenting on two contemporary music videos and was probably the easiest final I've ever taken. He also has you do seemingly ridiculous things like cook Caribbean food and take a dance lesson, all of which are easy to do. Take this course if you want a very easy global core.