(Physical Education)
Dec 2019

Epee fencing with Coach Aufrichtig is the best PE class anybody can ever take at Columbia. Not only will you learn from the best, this class is also going to give you an unexpected community of people to grow closer to. Other reviews are spot on about how great Coach and the course are. But the community aspect really makes this class special, so much one of my classmates even wrote a Spec op-ed about it.

Dec 2018

Sweet lady, good class - I had never practiced yoga in my life and she taught me a fair amount. Strict about being to class on time, but fair because class is pass/fail based on attendance.

Nov 2018

Looking back at the old reviews I wonder if she's changed... She's not a difficult teacher, but she's a very intense person which doesn't lend itself well to yoga in my opinion. She does have a lot of expertise and she'll teach you how to do poses correctly (which is really important so you don't injure yourself), but her attitude towards yoga is strange and didn't really allow the relaxation and mindfulness aspects to come through. She also tends to go on long tangents at the beginning of class which waste time and really weren't valuable for me. I appreciate that she allows you to indicate if you want hands-on adjustments because consent is really important! So kudos to her for that. I have to say I did feel really prepared for taking non-Barnard yoga classes because she spent so much time making sure we were doing poses correctly.

Apr 2018

I took Body Sculpting with Laura Masone and it was great! She is super dynamic and intent on giving us a good work out. She is prepared and comes to every class with a different program which is good because we don't get bored of the class. I highly recommend taking a PE class with her :)

Dec 2017

His reviews are getting a little old so I'm here to say that he's still a great instructor(!!!). In my class there were people with different levels of fitness, there were a few people who were very balanced in cardio and strength and there were some people who were more adept in cardio, and there were people who were just starting to get into fitness. No matter your fitness level, this class was great for working out independently and really figuring out how to become more health and fitness conscious. That said Padilla was super patient with each and every one of us and always tried to show us new exercises. TAKE THIS