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  • 3100
  • 3225Q
  • advanced clinical practice
  • American Society
  • BC1003 Introductory Sociology
  • BC3082 Introduction to Social Theory
  • careers and creativity: sociology of the arts
  • Changing American Family
  • Civil Society
  • Classical Social Theory
  • colloquium
  • Communities and Social Change
  • Comparative Perspectives on Inequality
  • Contemporary Civ, 1st semester
  • Contentious Politics
  • Crime, Law, and Society
  • Criminology
  • Criminology Summer 2002
  • Culture in America
  • Culture in America
  • Culture in America
  • Culture in America
  • Cultures, Markets & Consumption
  • Deviance
  • Deviance and Social control
  • Deviance, Disorganization, and Social Control
  • Disorganization, Deviance, and Social Control
  • Economy & Society
  • Elites In Democratic America
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Evaluation of Evidence
  • Food and the Social Order
  • Friendship in Western/Eastern Civilization
  • Funding Social Change
  • G4038 Sociology of Collective Memory
  • G4335 Law and Inequality
  • Global Populations
  • Global Urbanism
  • Higher Education and Inequality
  • Historical Soc
  • Historical Sociology
  • hist soc
  • Hist-Soc 4800 Colloquium
  • Immigrant Experiences
  • Immigrant Experiences, Old and New
  • Immigrant New York
  • Immigration and Ethnicity in Israel
  • Immigration & Ethnicity in Israel
  • Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Sociology (Barnard)
  • Intro to Historical Sociology
  • intro to sociology
  • Israeli Society
  • Law and society
  • Law, Science, and Society
  • Masculinity
  • Mass Media/Pop Culture
  • Media, Culture, and Society
  • Methods for social research
  • Methods for Social Research
  • Methods for Social Research
  • Methods of Social Rearch
  • Mistake, Misconduct, Disaster: How Organizations Fail
  • Music, Race, and Identity
  • Organizations
  • Organizing Innovation
  • Paris: The Making of a Modern City
  • Political Sociology
  • Post-Racial America?
  • Proseminar in Sociology
  • Race and Ethnicity Seminar
  • Race and Place in Urban America
  • Race Ethnicity and Immigration
  • Religion and Politics
  • Religion and Social Organization
  • Revolutions, Social Movements, and Contentious Politics
  • Seminar of Inequality
  • Seminar on Inequality and Public Policy
  • Senior research seminar
  • Senior Research Thesis
  • Sexuality and Society
  • Six Degrees and the New Science of Networks
  • social change
  • Social Contexts of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy
  • Social Inequality: Gender, Class, Race
  • Social Media
  • Social Movements
  • Social Movements
  • Social Theory
  • Social Theory
  • Social Theory and Cultural Diversity
  • Societal Adaptations to Terrorism
  • Sociological Imaginatio
  • Sociological Imagination
  • sociology Independent study
  • Sociology of Culture
  • sociology of education
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Gender Roles
  • Sociology of Healthcare
  • Sociology of Human Rights
  • Sociology of Jewish Life in America
  • Sociology of Mass Media and Popular Culture
  • Sociology of Race
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Schools, Teaching, and Learning
  • Sociology of Sexuality
  • Sociology of Sexuality, Junior Colloquium
  • Sociology of the Arts
  • Sociology of the Body
  • Sociology of the Novel
  • Sociology of U.S. Economic Life
  • Sociology of Work and Gender
  • Sociology & The Public
  • SOCI S3247: The immigrant experience, old and new
  • SOCI V1202 Sociological Imagination
  • Statistics and Methods
  • Statistics/Methods
  • Statistics/Research Methods
  • Stigma & Discrimination
  • The 2012 Election and Beyond
  • The Changing American Family
  • The Immigrant Experience
  • The Social World
  • too many
  • Unity and Division
  • Unity & Division in American Culture
  • Urban Sociology
  • V1202 The Sociological Imagination
  • V1205 Evaluation of Evidence
  • V2202 Introduction to Historical Sociology
  • V3212 Statistics/Methods
  • V3225 Sociology of Education
  • V3264 The Changing American Family
  • W3221 Deviance and Social Control
  • W3221 Deviance and Social Control; W3222 Criminology
  • W3222 Criminology
  • W3233 Networks/Complexity-Soc Systems
  • W3247 The Immigrant Experience, Old and New
  • W3270 Sociology of Mass Media and Pop Culture
  • W3945 Seminar on Inequality and Public Policy
  • Jan 2021

    I don't review ever.. but this semester was so hard with virtual learning, and professor Reider was unbelievably understanding. He was super approachable and understanding of exterior circumstances and/orheavy workloads. The class itself, though he may sometimes wander off in his own thoughts, is super interesting. He pushes the norms of what most professors teach at Columbia. He challenges the liberal notions many students and faculty hold, and really push students to take themselves outside their comfort zone and put themselves in other's positions. He was the, by far, best professor I have had at Columbia. The class itself touches on, through his lectures and class discussion, about culture in America, explaining the divisions in the country and the newer dynamics of cultural and poltic identities. I learned a lot about the other 'America,' and the cultural explanations for a lot of the structures of today's current culture. You will have to look at a situation from an entirely different position, but it blurs the lines in culture and generalizations. Take the class, but if you actually put some effort into attending lectures and readings, you will actually see the world and culture through a different light.

    Jan 2021

    I think of all the professors I have had at Columbia Marilyn stands at the top as the most pompous, arrogant, and unforgiving teachers at the school. Not only does she like to show just how little she cares for her students, but she also enjoys rubbing them in the mud when they don't reach her high expectations. Avoid this teacher at all costs.

    Jan 2021

    Amazing and everyone should take this class or at least take a class with Prof Eyal. I only have good things to report about this class. For a lecture on Zoom, Prof Eyal kept us very engaged, pausing his slides for questions and comments and sometimes we found ourselves in very engaging conversations. We also had breakout rooms in lecture and in discussion section and I actually felt like I knew people in the class from familiar faces or frequent breakout room conversations (which is very impressive for Zoom). People always had insightful conversations and everyone genuinely seemed to enjoy the class and topic which made everything so much better. The TAs were also great (big shoutout to Julian and Daria). Readings were insanely interesting and have totally changed how I think about certain things (readings were also manageable and weekly!!). This is the first time this class has been offered and it is so interesting in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines and on a larger scale of climate change, how people view government and where trust comes from on a personal and group level. Prof Eyal is so smart but also wants to hear his students' perspectives and thoughts so I highly recommend participating because it will only enrich your class experience.

    Jan 2021

    Theresa is truly amazing. She knows her stuff and teaches in a very engaging way. Her classes were always full because regardless of doing the readings, she explains everything you need to know in class, but the readings are a great compliment and are very interesting and not hard to read. She has many office hour slots and encourages students to meet with her to get to know each other. HOWEVER, the grade that you get really depends on the TA that you take. In the beginning, they are not very clear about how they grade the essays, and even though I included everything that Theresa wanted in the essay, did get a lower than average grade for an essay because the TA wanted more than the requirements made by Theresa. Final word, definitely recommend the class, but be aware of the TA that you choose.

    Dec 2020

    Stark is the man. He’s one of the most easy-going professors I’ve come across. That doesn’t mean the class is a blow-off, though; I learned a LOT, much of which can be applied to a variety of fields other than sociology. He’s normally a graduate instructor, too, so his grading system is fairly lax. Do the work, demonstrate effort, and you’ll do well. Really nice guy too.