(School of Journalism)
Dec 2013

Lindsay is a GOD of a teacher. Possibly the best teacher I have ever had. She really knows how to work with each student differently and will spend as much time as you need helping outline an essay or just talking about a topic. The class is very involved in discussion and she loves when you participate. If you can get in this class, you should and you won't regret it a single bit. The essays are manageable and she usually pushes back deadlines or will give you an extension if you ask kindly. The course pack she requires each student to get is very do-able and the readings are really interesting. Lindsay rocks. Take her class.

Dec 2013

As an earlier review said, Lindsay taught this semester's class solely focused on DFW's writing. Lindsay has a really great sarcastic sense of humor - I was always guaranteed to laugh every single class. I heard many other people complaining about how much they hate UW and the work - Lindsay definitely does her best to make UW the least painful experience possible. She knows that we have other things to do and don't necessarily have time to do all the readings - the way she ran the class was very laid-back.

Jul 2013

Lindsay was great. She taught us how to write with some pizzazz and exposed us to current writers, rather than get mired in stuffy old theory. She has a good sense of humor. And the fact that she doesn't always respond to emails just shows she keeps herself busy and has better things to do. She always was prepared to meet when I needed her, so I figure that's what matters. Anyway, thank the academic gods I got her. Uwriting could have been hellish.

May 2013

I almost switched out on the first day of uWriting because I can't stand Lindsay's voice. I can't believe nobody's mentioned it yet--she has this weird way of speaking that takes a really long time to get used to. She tries to add something clever to the end of every sentence and on the first day I found it really irritating. It doesn't help that my class was horrific. I was in a Gender Studies section and was surprised to find that not everyone knew what a comma was. That said, if you get Lindsay for uWriting, stay in the class. She's actually kind of funny once you get used to her awkward sense of humor, and she's very understanding about the fact that uWriting is the silliest course in the Core. Perhaps the best part about Lindsay is that she doesn't give a flying shit about the structures of uWriting past what she has to to keep her job. Her essays all have a lower word count than the standard essays, she is very lenient about due dates (email her for an extension on anything and she will grant it) and she really has no interest in the reading. She will never give a quiz, she will rarely make you discuss it, and she doesn't really care how many classes you miss as long as you seem like you have a passable excuse. I would recommend Lindsay because although you will never learn anything, she's not going to make you pretend that you did. If you already know how to write, she just expects that you do your essays, and as far as I could tell nobody in my class got anything lower than a B (she says it's very hard for her to give Cs when she knows the people she's grading, whatever that means). Also she is talking about teaching a class exclusively on David Foster Wallace essays, and I think that would be really interesting. Lindsay is also very conscious of the fact that she's really only 6 or 7 years older than her students, so she doesn't pretend that she knows everything. Really she's just a student trying to help other students and compared to the kind of teachers you could have for uWriting, Lindsay is a safe bet.

Apr 2013

I LOVED my UWriting section with Lindsay. She is by far the funniest teacher I've ever had. I was in a gender studies-themed section; Lindsay didn't really care about gender studies and only chose readings that she found "delightful", some of which had a definite gender-studies-relevant leaning and some of which did not. She isn't bothered if you haven't done the reading and doesn't make her students do free-writes or responses (busywork required in most of the other sections) and has negotiable due dates. Discussion was always lively. All of that aside, she is a good teacher. Other reviews have described her as inaccessible; I did not find this to be the case. She's readily available during office hours and responded to most of my e-mails; if she doesn't respond, just find her in class. She definitely helped me improve my writing skills, mostly by bringing structure and focus to my writing. She's knowledgeable, engaging, and whip-smart. As a grad student, she understands the workload of her students and isn't totally anal about due dates. She demands that student essays be stapled correctly.