Marc Henry

Dec 2006

I don't understand why all the previous reviewers were raving about him. The man clearly is intelligent, but he gets caught up in his proofs during class that you don't really know what the hell is going on. I know of one kid who has never attended class (not a single one) throughout the semester and managed to grab an A on the tests because he just memorized the tests. That's what the class is all about: memorizing the past year papers. Stay away from Marc Henry at all costs. You've been warned.

Jan 2006

Marc Henry is an engaging professor. He was able to explain econometrics in a real world context and his examples are easy to understand. It seemed like the class enjoyed the jokes he told from time to time. His tangents were interesting (and related to the material) but he didn't test the class on the additional material. His teaching style is impressive and a relatively small percentage of the class fell asleep during the 9am class. The workload was less than other Columbia classes I've taken with approximately 3-6 questions on the problem sets. The midterm and final were straight foward. Personally, I didn't think it was necessary to go to recitation because they weren't as clear as the professor. I would highly recommend this professor. If you consider econometrics and statistics boring, then this class may not be your favorite. However, Marc Henry will make the economics major requirement much less painful and much more interesting.

Dec 2005

Prior to taking this class, I first heard horror stories about econometrics and how difficult it was. This class was a complete opposite and it was tons of fun. I grew to like the subject of econometrics because Professor. Marc was so passionate about it. He made the subject clear and concise. However, there were days when I was completely lost in front of the blackboard but don’t you worry – all you need to know is how to do the homework. In addition, before midterm or final – professor usually emails last year’s midterm and final practice exam. So between homework, and practice exams – you should be fine. If you feel like it is getting a bit challenging then make sure to attend the recitations. I would highly recommend them for the best preparation.

Sep 2002

A great teacher and man. Easy to understand. And most importantly to most of you no doubt, AN EASY A. No excuse to do any worse. Salai Martin may be more fun, but Henry will teach the material better and allow you to get better grades

Oct 2001

Prof. Henry does actually seem to know what he is talking about, but he doesn't seen to have the skill that a lot of the other professors also lack: conveying his knowledge into our heads. I learned practically everything from the TA and did well on the midterm. The problem is that they cancelled my TA section cuz I was one of few that could make it. Then I couldn't fit any other TA section into my schedule and the TAs never got around to making a new one that did fit me, even though they promised to. So I got screwed for the final and ended up with the worst grade I received at Columbia. I'd recommend another professor for econometrics if you can, but if you do take Prof. Henry, just be prepared to take initiative and hopefully you won't get screwed like me.

Jan 2000

A Frenchman with a British accent and perfect pronounciation of Latin. He's clearly a smart man, but it's tough to get excited about econometrics. No one wants to take econometrics-it's the orgo of economics. Look at it this way, you'll understand his English, but you probably won't get the subject material. Standard curve.

Jan 2000

I really don't know why so many people freak out over this class. If you keep up with the readings, do the problem sets, come to class and listen to the professor, you'll do fine. It's all those lazy econ majors who come to 25% of the classes and then panick before the exams that give this class it's reputation. I was among the 20 or so students out of 80 that came to class regularly and I did fine. The midterm and final are essentially copies of previous year's exams. How much easier can it get?

Jan 2000

Marc Henry - he loves the subject, he's extremely knowledgeable in the field, and his British accent is cute. Unfortunately, Econometrics is not exactly the most interesting subject you will be expected to take. That's why not many people come to class and that's why you'll find many people with their heads down. The textbook does not really help (it didn't for me) and his lectures were rather obscure. Before you take this class, be sure you know a little statistics -- you'll definitely need it.