Koleen McCrink

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2021

I took her class during the pandemic so idk how accurate of a reflection this review would be for this class normally. However, I do want to say that Professor McCrink is one of the best professors at Barnard. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about this field and it definitely makes it so enjoyable to go to class. The content is so interesting and personable and it is definitely material that I would still remember even when this course ends. However, the best part of this course was definitely Professor McCrink. She showed so much kindness and understanding towards her students this semester even though she really had no obligation to do so (she even extended the class size to 200+ and accepted everyone off the waitlist this semester). She really just wanted us to learn and tried to make this course as stress-free as possible. The course was made up of 11 weekly MC quizzes (with the lowest being dropped) that were open book. Although they were open book, she taught so well that it made the quizzes even easier. I genuinely loved this course so much and it was probably the only highlight of the pandemic, please take it if you have the chance to!!

Jan 2012

I have mixed feelings about Professor McCrink. I had her for the graduate seminar Core Knowledge, and while she was always engaging and funny, she didn't actually teach any of the class - instead, students took turns preparing two-hour powerpoint presentations on pre-selected material. Luckily, the presentations were usually really good, but it would have been nice to hear McCrink actually present her own area of expertise. While I can totally see how she would be a great lecture professor, as a seminar professor she was sometimes a little superficial and a bit hard to relate to. Finally, she revealed at the end of the course that she had been grading very rigorously all along, though we never talked about grading or saw any grades. The structure of the course made it difficult to understand what she was looking for in final projects and papers, and it wasn't clarified though meeting with her. In short, I think she's probably a wonderful lecture professor, but I think her personal style could be improved a little for small seminars.

Jul 2010

SUCH AN AMAZING PROFESSOR! I cannot give Professor McCrink enough praise. She has been the most engaging and clear professor I have ever had. Even though her Psych class was at 9am, her enthusiasm for psych and her chill personality made it such a pleasurable class to sit through. Whenever I had questions, she was always available to chat, and responded to emails quickly. Her class convinced me to be a psych major. Please take her classes even if you're not a psych major, because you will learn so much. GREAT CLASS!

Jan 2010

I am always skeptical with new professors, especially in the Psych department, but there is nothing but good things to say about Professor McCrink. She's incredibly smart (Ivy League-educated), funny (during lecture and in office hours), entirely helpful and informative (in aspects even outside of Developmental). Lectures are interesting, although some may regard them as boring because information in lecture is a mirror of what is provided in the textbook. Regardless, she plays videos during class that enhance the concept being learned. Overall, a very thorough professor who explains everything clearly and properly. If you are unsure, she holds office hours right after lecture for a good 1-2 hours where she will talk to you about anything you didd not understand and will never make you feel slow or stupid. She also holds review sessions for the exams, which she calls "freak out sessions" the night before the test. Medium sized turn out and she goes through all of her slides, one by one, to answer any questions that any student had. Really patient! A true gift in the Barnard Psych. Department. I would undoubtedly urge you to take a class with her, any class. Honestly, one of the greatest professor I've had in the department!!

Nov 2009

She's absolutely wonderful! This is her first semester teaching at Barnard. She's quite funny and you won't get bored in her class. Exams are straightforward.

Nov 2009

Prof McCrink is a new professor this semester but I must say so far the class has been a very pleasant experience. Lectures are not boring at all, rather they are very interesting. She covers the subject matter and has a great handle on the area. Tests were for the most part very fair and straightforward, unlike tricky annoying mc psych tests where the teacher is out to get you. She is very approachable and is a very nice person, worth getting up for the 9:10 lecture slot.