Kyle Killian

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2008

I definitely recommend taking Kyle's Art Hum class. He is a great teacher who really encourages classroom participation. His classroom atmosphere is extremely laid-back, but I felt like I really took away a lot from the class and gained an appreciation for viewing different types of art. There is no midterm or final in the class because he finds it unnecessary to force his students to memorize hundreds of paintings and dates. Instead, there are three papers throughout the semester in which students are allowed to pick any painting of their choice from museums around the city to study.

Dec 2007

Like the other reviews say, Kyle is a great teacher. I tell all my friends to try to get him for their teacher. I genuinely enjoyed everything we learned in class, and not having a final or midterm certainly made it that much better, especially come finals week. The three papers were fairly straight forward--write about a piece of art. He'll even look at a draft a week before. That said, I wouldn't necessarily slack off in this class. Participate, look at some paintings before class (takes 15 minutes) and do a few of the readings. It really helps, plus he likes to know you do something. Definitely stay in his class if you're lucky enough to get him, he's an example of great teaching at Columbia.

Nov 2007

Probably as good as you're going to get for this required course. He's really laid back, gives no exams, and helps even the most novice art critics form an argument about a piece of work. Highly recommended, just remember to try and assert yourself a little bit and speak at least once a class. He won't call out people who don't speak, but it certainly helped me grade wise participating just once or twice a lecture.

Jan 2007

Take this class. He's a good teacher, the lectures are usually interesting, and there is NO MIDTERM OR FINAL. The class is heavy on class participation and if you don't talk a lot you'll get screwed when it comes time for grades, but there's very little work required outside class. The class is also pretty fun since all you do is argue about what you see in the piece of artwork. He's not an easy grader, but you can get through this class with almost no work at all and still get a B+ or better.

Jan 2007

I highly recommend trying to get Kyle for Art Hum. He had a laid-back approach that I found really helped in keeping the class enjoyable. He knows an incredible amount of information about art- he was always offering different facts and suggestions that changed the way the class viewed the piece of art that was being examined. He realized that many people have no interest in art, so he didn't force people to enter the discussion. He had a good sense of humor that prevented the people in my class from falling asleep. One thing I didn't expect (but liked) was when he told us that the idea of any interpretation being valid was wrong; art is not usually an anything-goes type of subject. When someone offered an incorrect interpretation, Kyle would tell them it was wrong, but would move on without making a big deal out of it.

Jan 2005

Great art hum teacher! He may be boring, but he is an easy, easy grader. Also, he doesn't bother with any extra artists, so even better. Despite how easy the course was, I also really developed an appreciation for art and I think it was because of Killian's laid back approach to the subject. If you get him, even if you're bored the first few classes, take him. Great teacher.