Lam Hui

Aug 2020

Lam is hands down the best professor in the physics department. As an undergraduate taking a graduate course, Lam manages to explain Landau's Vol 2 (a classical field book) to such clarity and intuitive appeal and that I don't feel there is any need to read the book anymore. His is very good at distilling complex/confusing concepts into understandable chunks. For graduate students, his course also tailor to preparation for the qualifying exams as he gives past exam problem as homework. Highly recommend any of his class!

Nov 2009

Prof. Hui was excellent. He explained concepts extremely clearly and would repeat himself whenever he saw that the class was having trouble following him, but generally, he is extremely easy to follow. As with most physics classes, they are easy if the one is comfortable with the mathematics, and this one is no exception. The problem sets are not very difficult, maybe 1-2 hours per week. If you are a physics major taking this, expect an easy A. If not, try to learn the math and you’ll be fine. He does nothing that is beyond Calculus II (u-substitutions, trigonometric substitutions, integration by parts). The grading is more than generous—it’s almost as if he finds excuses to give you points on tests. Overall, he is just a very nice guy and extremely accommodating, possibly the best teacher I could have hoped for this class.

Nov 2009

Prof. Hui is fantastic. He is soft-spoken, but he is very clear and his lectures are easy to follow. He does a great job explaining the math for the most part. The only thing that is a little annoying was that he would do integration by parts or crazy substitutions in his head. I found myself wondering a few times wait--how did that just go away, and then you realize that he did a u substitution with cotx or something. Overall great professor, though. He is really chill.