Samuel Oak

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2013

Don't take this class, it's a scam! Professor Oak is using his students only to complete his precious Pokedex, the work of his whole life. Moreover, he will tell you that you have to find 151 pokemon, even if apparently some of them cannot be found, but every fucking time you go back to him, he will tell you that there are hundred more things to catch... He keeps pushing the students to find more and more pokemons, even if I was perfectly fine with my Ratata... I had to put him in a shelter in order to make room for stronger pokemons... The man have a really unhealthy addiction to pokemon And if the pokedex it's the work of his life, why the fuck is it empty???

Feb 2013

Professor Oak is a great professor and taught me a lot. I was a little nervous about Pokemon and all, but Professor Oak just gave me a Pokemon and threw me into the wilderness. I was able to learn everything fairly quickly and managed to only get electrocuted about 12 times. One experimental method Prof Oak (as he likes us to call him) does is setting you up with a rival. Mine just happened to be his grandson. It was weird. Speaking of weird, though you'll learn a lot from Prof. Oak, he will almost never remember your name. He asked me my name like ten times, and he even asked me what his grandson's name was. At first I just told him it was Gary, but then I just started making up some random names, like Monkey Head, Clark Kent, and even Blue. I mean who would believe their grandson was named after a color? One last thing I'd like to say is perhaps the best thing about Professor Oak. He cares. Honestly, when I was struggling he offered to come to my house to help me out. He even had weekly and sometimes daily meetings with my mom. He even joined us on our vacation, and when my mom told me she was sick, Professor Oak took care of her while I had fun. The only downside is that he kept locking the door, and it would take him like 5 minutes to finally open it. Other than that, Professor Oak was awesome. I definetely suggest taking this class.

Apr 2010

Professor Oak is an excellent professor. His class may not be as popular as Professor Alden, but it was a fun class and I learned a lot. He is great at explaining things and also very funny. Oak's lectures always begin with interesting, challenging questions that will be answered within the lecture. He is very math-oriented and likes to use equations rather than graphs, so be sure to try and make sure you understand what he is doing either in class (which may be hard since he does things so quickly) or after class. The weekly problem sets (20% of your grade) are usually pretty challenging, and the grading is a bit harsh on them (they are graded out of 4, and if you make one mistake, you're going to get a 3.5). However, the recitation section is usually a good resource to use if you're confused on the homework. I would definitely recommend Professor Oak's class to anybody interested in becoming a pokemon master.