Pontus Stein Ahlqvist

Dec 2009

The guy knows his stuff, obviously, as he got in Columbia's grad physics program. Although he is good at explaining the material, he goes by the material very fast, making it difficult for us non-physics majors to catch on. Additionally, he grades very harshly and is not very nice to his students. His grading is very dependent on his mood. He can be somewhat rude during his bad days. If you want to take general physics lab, I would NOT suggest to take Pontus. Any of the other TAs will grade easier than this guy. For 1 unit, he grades extremely harshly, regardless of how much work you put in the laboratory class. Pontus is also notorious for grading extremely harshly on any classes he TA for, so beware. His grading is also very random so you're out of luck there.