Olga Dobrunoff

Aug 2010

I found Olga to be very nice. Although sometimes, she would say some things in Russian and expect a first year class to understand what she was saying. It also frustrated her sometimes to review cases that we were supposed to already know. Still, all in all, I think she is dedicated to helping students improve and learn Russian. She also speaks Ukrainian, and spent some time in Kiev and lived in Russia before coming to Columbia, so her understanding of Eastern European culture and customs is very legit. Participation is also a very big portion of your grade, but she calls on everyone so that shouldn't be a big concern unless you don't know the answer. For first year Russian, it is a bit difficult sometimes when she gets so into speaking Russian that she forgets to speak in Enlish for the words we don't know, but for second year, this is actually quite helpful. She is also very nice about lettin you make up assignments. Unless you mind having to guess what she says in Russian sometimes, I would definitely recommend her class.