Robin Kelley

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2005

After reading the reviews about Professor Kelley, I was really excited to take his class Anthro Of Jazz. I was really disappointed. I will try to make this review impartial and describe the class because i really didnt like his teaching style, but it may be ok for others. The readings in the class were SOOO interesting. I really enjoyed them. But, the class itself was sort of unenjoyable. It was pretty much unstructured discussion, unless you count the movies we watched. I never really got the impression that Kelley came in with an agenda or class plan of certain things he wanted to explain in the class. It more felt like a free for all where people just brought up random things. The class felt very random and disconnected because Professor Kelley called on people in order, making a mental list of the order of the discussion. If someone raised their hand, they would usually end up speaking ten minutes later. The point they brought up would usually not have to do with where the discussion was at that point, but 10 minutes prior. THe result, as I said, was a really disconnected discussion. Professor Kelley himself is a very interesting teacher. I loved it when he went into his monologues becuase you could see his passion for what he taught. Sadley these were rare and brief. THe class just ended up being dominated by the same students, which I found a bit dull. If this is how Professor Kelley always taught, then maybe the prior reviewers had a more interesting class makeup, or maybe they liked him becuase his class isnt that demanding. I mean, there is a ton of fun reading, but only one paper and a group project. If I had another chance with him, I would try again though. I think his style this semester is kinda off.

Apr 2005

Phenomenal. I loved this class and I loved this professor. He's definitely a celebrity in the academic world and it's fun to hear him quoted in the readings. Kelley is passionate about his subject and it shows through in his lectures. The readings are interesting but his lectures are better. TAKE THIS CLASS. And if you don't get to take the class at least read his books.

Feb 2005

Robin Kelley is the best thing about Columbia. He is intelligent, passionate about his subject, and incredibly inspiring. I made sure not to miss a single class for the entire semester! If you're searching for a reason to stay at Columbia, or that professor to really get you excited about a field of study....Robin Kelley is that professor. You will be talking about him to everyone you know.

Dec 2004

This was the most unbelievable class and experience that i have ever had. Dr. Kelley dedicates so much time and effort into making sure that his students not only understand the topic but also fall in love with it. He is a passionate and intellictually brillant scholar and i can not wait to take another one of his classes. I would not only recomend this class but i would recomend any class taught by Dr. Kelley! He is amazing!