Alexander Rothe

Feb 2020

Taking Music Humanity with Dr. Rothe is a great experience. Very nice person and full of patience. As a non-native speaker, I do not have much music background and the vocabulary is quite challenging for me. However, Dr. Rothe is always very patient and devotes a lot time in his office hour. Reasonable workload. Someone might complain about the frequent assignments (twice a week but super short)but I think it is the best way to encourage you to learn (also avoid being too lazy and falling behind the progress). Love the Met Opera!!! and the Met museum field trip. Also require students to attend an extra performance with many recommendations. The prompts of papers are very interesting and the length is very short.(2-4 pages) For exams, he is always very clear about what he is going to test. Just prepare without too much worries. Finally, a very nice grader for people who do things required. I think I am less talented than many of my classmates but still get a A for my efforts. P.S. really love his recommendation of the Sachertorte cake at Cafe Sabarsky hahahaha

Jan 2017

Like most, I was fulfilling a requirement, and I did not expect how fun and educational the class would be because of Professor Rothe's excellent teaching. He consistently was very prepared and did a great job of discussing pieces as how they were representative (or not) of a broader historical time period. He would actively encourage us to return to the key concepts and descriptors we learned in the beginning and use them as tools to analyze the music, which I felt was helpful for reinforcing them. It is clear how passionate he is about the subject when he discusses experiences like his visit to Notre-Dame or shares his favorite musicians and their work. He also had a fun sense of humor that made class more enjoyable. If you have a chance, Music Hum with Professor Rothe is a great experiences.

Apr 2014

Professor Rothe is great. I would completely recommend him. He's very knowledgeable and passionate (he often asks 'have you heard of xx's films/songs/art?' and it was kind of endearing how he would also look a little crestfallen if no one raised their hands but delighted when someone did). I didn't have a strong music background and my class was a mix. But he managed it well by being very patient and also using the knowledge of the experienced musicians. The class was also not very discussion-based, which was fine by me because he had plenty of insights. I loved the historical focus of the class. Take his class!!

Nov 2013

Rothe isn't as awkward as everyone else says; he's actually wicked funny. Also, he's a terrific teacher and I totally recommend you take the class with him. Why? Because you won't have to memorize what 60 very similar-sounding pieces sound like and he's super chill. I've been talking to my other friends who had music hum, and they said they had to do that memorization, and as someone even classically trained in music it seemed a bit ridiculous. Rothe isn't like that. He repeats that he isn't trying to make it unnecessarily hard on you, so our 3 quizzes over the semester are exactly what he tells you they will be like--very historically based, identification between like 6 pieces (which are very different, because some are operas with and without video and like costumes guys come on, some are symphonies, some are clearly only with one instrument, etc.). 6 different works for the midterm, guys. All in all, take the class with Rothe. If you look over the material, it's an easy A. Actually do the readings, it's an easy A. It's more historical-based than other music hum sections, as Rothe doesn't see music in a vacuum. He also is into operatic stagings and talks a lot about that, if you're into that. HE'S THE BEST.

Sep 2010

So far Rothe has done a fairly reasonable job. He's not nearly as shy or awkard as some may say. He's only learning how to be a professor!!! He knows how to teach music, and he knows a lot about German and Latin music, as well as Jazz and Rock music. You may think the class only covers Classical Music, but it also covers World Music as well as Progressive music. Give him some time and he'll be excellent. He'll be an amazing first year or second year teacher for CU student. I mean we are at Columbia University right???

May 2010

You are very lucky if you end up getting Alexander Rothe for this class. Sure he was a bit awkward and nervous at first (which he admits) but he relaxed as the semester progressed. I thought about changing sections after two classes as he seemed to favor those students that had a musical background and quickly dived in the concept of notations, which can feel like a new language for non-music students. But I was wrong and I am happy I didnt change. I truly enjoyed this class although there is a lot of memorization. He gives good advise on the assignments, he is a generous grader and will understand if you need to hand in assignments passed the due dates.

Feb 2010

I liked Alex as a person, but I struggled to enjoy his class. He's a very awkward and painfully shy teacher who would go 5 minutes or longer while talking without looking at students. At the beginning of the semester I was annoyed, but by the end felt bad for him, as he seemed very uncomfortable in a teaching role. Fortunately it was an easy class and once the semester was over I largely forgot the negative aspects. If you get him, keep your expectations low. Oh, nearly forgot: if you don't have any formal musical training, you'll likely feel completely lost at times. Don't try to ask him for help, as it'll be like asking him to teach you Mandarin using Swahili. Find someone in the department.

Jan 2010

Worst class I've ever far. Music Hum has its potential but Alexander Rothe made sure to teach the most boring class ever. He is really sweet and understanding, even when it comes to deadlines. Once, we had another Music Hum professor guest teach, and although it was a 9AM class and I had only slept for three hours, it was the most awake I'd ever been. With Alex, I could have a full night's sleep and class would still be a massive snooze-fest. I thought I'd love Music Hum because I've been a classically trained musician for over 10 years. Turns out, it was just a giant disappointment