Gita May

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2004

Prof. May is, as other reviewers have stated, the cute, grandmotherly type. She is not neccessarily the most stimulating professor-- for the first few weeks the only opportunities to participate in class were to read from the book. The class improved towards the end of the semester-- she actually asked for her students' opinions occasionally, and she definately had some interesting things to say. Overall, not the best class in the department, but not the worst, and a nice one to take if your workload is otherwise difficult.

Dec 2003

while May certainly is the nice little grandmotherly type that other reviews have described, her class did absolutely NOTHING for me. i've taken over a dozen french classes here and this, by far, was the worst. half the class didn't show up, the other half barely did the reading. forget sharing your opinions about the book--she doesn't really care. after i spent a week and a half writing our final paper, she read and graded it in FIVE MINUTES and just slapped an A on top. the class is an easy A, no doubt, but, personally, i felt the semester just wasn't worth it.

Nov 2003

I truly enjoy the class. It is true that one does not necessarily have to do all of the reading or that there are things that are repeated a few times. However it is really up to you to make the best out of it. I have learned a lot and I enjoyed listening to her as she is indeed very knowledgeable, even though more in-class discussion could add to the course.

Jun 2003

While Professor May is indeed a nice grandmotherly type, she is just too sweet for her own good. Her in-class lectures don't encourage you to try; reading the material becomes pointless after a while, since she is the only one speaking during class. Forget trying to give your own opinions about the material or bringing in relevant texts; but mention that Rousseau wrote an opera called "Le Divin du Village" (a fact which she re-taught us every day), and she'll praise you for the rest of class. Although I will undoubtedly never forget Rousseau's opera, that he was a hypochondriac, or that he hated Voltaire, I have to agree that the easy A is just not worth it. While Professor May is very nice, you'll spend her class learning what she tells you (sometimes twice) and not learning for yourself.

May 2003

She's one of the best Professors I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable yet humble and loves teaching. I don't know anyone in my class who did not like her or the content taught. Take any class she offers; she really is something else!

May 2003

Professor May should not be teaching any more. She knows a lot about the subject matter, but she stumbled over her lectures, repeated entire half-hour chunks, got the students mixed up with each other, and did not engage with the texts in more than a reading-comp level. I have no doubt that she was once an asset to the departement, but she is too old, too disinterested, and too confused to be teaching anymore. The easy A or A- will ensure that students sign up for her classes, it is definitely not worth it.

Jan 2003

Prof. May is a wonderful teacher. She knows a lot and loves what she is teaching. A class you can sit back, relax, enjoy and still learn a lot.

Dec 2002

Wonderful professor, takes the time to make sure everyone understands everything. Gives lots of depth and context to make reading 17th century French literature interesting. Very little anxiety attached to this course.

Dec 2002

Prof May is lovely! She is kind and very clear in teaching.Patient with all kinds of questions, and she is just an expert in her field. So don't doubt her. And she never barks at you either. Very well-respected.

Jan 2000

May is the cute little grandmother you always wanted who also happens to know everything about Rousseau and 18th century French literature. Very kind about grading.