Roger Bagnall

Jan 2002

Dry but witty, and exceptionally intelligent. If you can stay awake, there's that rare gem where he blurts out something truly bizarre. The class is structured so that the first third of the sessions are lectures (the content of which you're not responsible to know) about Romans and their law. The last two thirds are discussions from the casebook, which it would behoove you to cross-index by subject, both for your own reference (for the paper) and for the final. He also tends to yank at his hair constantly in what seems to be an effort to demonstrate that he is not wearing a toupee.

Jan 2000

Lectures, while not electric, are clear, concise and logical with the odd spot of wry. As a discussion leader he's capable, if slightly intimidating. His nonsense threshold is nil; he'll tell you when and why you're wrong. Fair grader.

Jan 2000

A good course, I guess. But it lacks rigor, is not centered, etc. Too much work.