Celia Naylor

Jan 2018

Professor Naylor is a great professor! Her class is very lecture-based but she expects for you to contribute meaningfully in class and in discussion sections. This is easy to do if you do the readings, by the way. She is always open to us contributing knowledge outside of the textbook/primary sources assigned. When writing papers, she is always willing to help. I emailed her for help on both of my papers and she gave me some great advice for how to improve upon them. If you study and do the readings, her exams are fairly easy and this year, she made the final exam take home. All of the texts are engaging. Every student co-leads a class discussion with 1-3 classmates.

Nov 2014

Dr. Naylor is super fun and engaging. She doesn't stress doing the readings but do them because although her lectures are informative she'll assume that you at least know about the topic. Also this class is called a lecture class, but there is a lot of discussion and student lead classes about the books that we read in class. There are just two papers and an essay based midterm and final, so the load isn't extreme, and she grades based on understanding of Arican American History and your ideas.