Arthur Goren

May 2001

Super nice man... Goren is very knowledgeable (sp?) and just plain nice.. He will respond to your questions and won't give you the typical Columbia bullshit answers. The class is easy.. do the reading and your golden. If you do attend the lecture, either sit in the front row or bring a hearing aide. Goren is very soft-spoken.. Also, beware... bring a gallon of coffee or crack to keep you awake. He will put you to sleep. And don't take notes... Goren follows no logical process in his lecture.. he simply speaks from the heart and goes on some the wildest tangents ever! Last years TA (2000-2001) was great.. she's very nice and will help you out... I think her name is Aline.. she's French

Jan 2000

Nice, old man. Class is like Shabos dinner with a very large family.