Rifaat Dika

Aug 2005

Some people think Rifaat is a nice man--I personal always felt awkward and uncomfortable around him. He is an easy professor with fairly low expectations from his students--a poor quality for a language prof. He does not demand much from his students and speaks too much English in an advanced Arabic class, He's not a trained Arabic teacher and while, yes he's fluent in Arabic, he doesn't know the reasons for a lot of the grammatical rules. He knows that that's the way they are because that's how he speaks it but that's not so helpful when you're trying to learn a language. Overall--you may find him a nice guy (which is what the other reviewers said) or you may find him creepy and he's not a particularly good Arabic teacher so I'd recommend taking someone else...

Mar 2005

I loved his section because he is hilarious..his dry and often subtle humour made me cry almost every class! I loved going to class even though I heard that other professors are better for learning the language..Dika's explanations are often unclear but he is a really lenient grader and he wants everybody to succeed...

Dec 2004

What can I say about Dr. Dika except that he is the best! His hilarious anecdotes and side comments will have you laughing during the entire two hours. He's an extremely warm man and is a great teacher. He is not to be missed.

Dec 2004

There are two things you need to know about Dika. First: HE ROCKS! He is the nicest, funniest (OH MAN!), cutest little Lebanese man you've ever met. Second: He is not a very good Arabic teacher. He is a man with a PhD in sociology who just happens to speak Arabic. That said, it was a very hard decision for me to choose whether I should stay in his section or swtich to El-Hage's. Dika is awesome, and I looked forward to every class (even when it was 10am Friday morning). But if you are really serious about Arabic, go for El-Hage.