Eric Wakin

Mar 2011

I can't say enough about Professor Wakin. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable about his field, but he is also incredibly charismatic and genuinely cares about his students and is willing to make time outside of class to meet with his students. Discussion sections were almost always stimulating and they were consistently two of my favorite hours every week. I found the memory theories broached in class to be a fascinating blend of history, psychology, literature, and philosophy. The fact that we had to physically look at these primary sources distinguished the class from nearly every other CU history course (it's difficult to explain precisely what it feels like to hold someone's Civil War diary in your hand and feel deeply connected to history until you've experienced it). Professor Wakin is incredibly knowledgeable about primary sources from 19th and early 20th century American History (he's the curator at Lehman and works in RBML) and the course provides a great introduction to archival research (which I've found incredibly useful as I prepare to write my senior thesis). Fair warning though: Considering class conflicts and other obligations, at times it can be difficult to find time to make it to Rare Books & Manuscripts as they are typically only open M-F 9-5.

Jan 2011

Terrific professor. He's also the Lehman curator for the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection on the sixth floor of Butler Library. He's incredibly knowledgeable on American history around the Civil War as well as the theme of Public History (monuments, museums, public memory, etc...) If he does teach a seminar, you should get in it. He encourages all kinds of discussions from and toward all directions and he's also well-equipped to answer any knots in your logic.