Courtney Bryan

Dec 2012

Music Hum Courtney was a great teacher for music hum. I didn't think I would enjoy the class as much as I did. Much of the time was spent lecturing and listening to music which made it more of a relaxing course. My favorite part of the class was at the end when she brought special guests who played their music and described their careers. Courtney was sweet, relaxed and helpful. She worked hard to ensure that the students understood the material. From her class i feel that I learned a lot about music, take her class.

May 2010

Simply put, Courtney rocks. Very laid back teacher who still cares about the course and dedicates herself to teaching the class about the history/fundamentals of music. Extremely flexible regarding just about anything, Courtney puts in an extra effort to accommodate student difficulties (being not far removed from school herself) and tries to make music fun for the class. Class trips to Verdi’s La Traviata and jazz clubs are also a definite plus. Even though it was an early morning class, Courtney made Music Hum awesome and is totally recommended. Even though you can't choose into her, try to switch in. She's worth it.