Jennifer Rhodes

Jan 2014

Jenny is THE BEST LitHum teacher. I know that there's already an absurd waiting list to get her class in the spring and it's not a surprise… This past semester Jenny was pregnant and had her baby sometime in October/November, so we had a substitute for a few weeks. However, the class was so pleasantly surprised and astonished with the level of commitment Jenny maintained during the process. She taught class up until a few days before she had her baby, and continued to grade our papers the whole time. She even came back only a week or two after to be there for her favorite book, Lysistrata. She also came back for the review session and final, and was prepared to answer our emails the whole time. Also she NEVER got moody from the whole thing which I think women usually do and was almost on some sort of baby high and was super happy all the time… although I think that is just her personality. Jenny is so NICE and passionate about what she does, and makes the class a lot of fun. She's not too strict, but doesn't slack off at all either, and is overall very fair. You won't have a guaranteed A, as is the case with all Lithum sections, but if you put in the work an A is definitely attainable. JENNY SHOULD BE A GOLD!

Apr 2012

Jenny is a wonderful teacher for beginners in italian. Not only are her classes so much fun and enjoyable to go to, but you learn a lot without necessarily realizing it. She has lots of fun activities that she incorporates into the class, and uses her background working in the opera world to further the study of Italian. I took her class for both elementary levels, and both semesters we took a trip to the opera, and also to Eataly to try some authentic italian food! Honestly, I could not recommend her more highly!