Helena Kauppila

Jan 2014

The material taught in this class is not very difficult, I thought. The difficulty of the class however comes from the lack of practice problems and examples. The textbook is a piece of shit in that it does not provide very many examples at all. Instead, it just provides theorems and definitions with a few sample problems. And on top of that, there aren't many practice problems in the book, with only odd solutions in the back. This made studying for exams and doing hw a bit challenging, I thought. The quiz in the class was retarded, in my opinion. It was straight regurgitation of definitions. I expected it to be solving problems, but it wasn't... The midterm and final were both a joke, with averages probably in the 70s for both. The problems were very straightforward, with no tricks or curveballs. This was actually frustrating because I expected the final to be difficult but it turned out to be a bunch of simple problems and definitions, though I didn't remember some of the definitions.