Antonio Barrenechea

Feb 2005

The Americas was just not a scintillating topic for me. The readings were boring and the discussions weren't that entertaining either. The constant paper writing and having to revise them made the class a burden. Unless you love Vespucci or Latin American exploration...I advise you to STAY AWAY. The professor was new and he did provide some background information on our readings. confusing grader.

Jan 2005

I have two words for you: Shady Bakery All kidding aside, he tried to impart his wealth of knowledge to a bunch of 18 year old girls and Antonio came up with great concepts but wasn't able to present them compellingly. All in all, he needs some work but once he breaks 30 he might gain more respect, considering he has a PhD from Yale.

Jan 2005

Barrenechea is this Ph.D. candidate from Yale who thinks highly of his abilities. He's definitely a smart guy, it's just frustrating to have someone old enough to be your sibling teaching you. His comments on papers are useful but vary widely: what he focuses on correcting on your draft might be totally ignored in the final paper and you'll have a lower grade in spite of correcting everything he indicated was a problem. He has a ways to go as a teacher in terms of leading discussions, sparking enthusiasm... but that comes with teaching experience, I imagine. Antonio's not a very open person-- don't try and become his friend because it will get you nowhere. He warmed to our class by the end of the semester and only then would joke back or be more friendly. I think it took him a while to find his place, what with a gaggle of giggling girls staring at him for an hour and some twice a week. Seemed to want to cultivate an image of the wise instructor, and for a man who looks ten years younger than he is, that doesn't quite work yet. Also needs to figure out how to tell a chick to shut up and "no, you're just plain wrong" when she's been rambling on about her nonsensical take on a work of literature for ten straight minutes. Altogether? A very smart professor, knowledgeable and had some very interesting things to say. Needs to work on his presentation, affect, and his holier-than-thou attitude.

Dec 2004

this professor comes off as very timid at first but has a lot of great things to say and is overall a good teacher. he speaks very quietly so try to sit close to him so you can hear what he says. he grades you partially on class participation so try to voice youself once in a while. He's a very young but smart man and can bring a lot of insight into the classroom. He does not smile very often and is not very warm but is a good guy. the curriculum for this particular class was interesting and class discussions were interesting as well.