Linda Kirschke

Apr 2013

Prof. Kirschke is atrocious. Her seminar in Intl Security is abysmal and I am writing my first review here to warn everyone to stay away at all costs. She is unprepared for all classes and unable to initiate conversation let alone maintain dialogue. If you do attempt to contribute in class, the Prof. will certainly not understand what you said and proceed to say, “hmmm, interesting, so do you mean …?” to which all frustrated students will respond, “yeah, yeah” just so she will move on to the next period of awkward silence (which is most of the class). There is no agenda for the class and the materials are incoherent when taken as a whole. The course was also focused solely on African security, despite the misleading title of the class. More so, the class is comparative and data driven, despite it not being promoted or listed as such. The Professor is unavailable, except after class. From what I can gather she is mostly at NYU, where she teaches the class simultaneously (two students from NYU joined our class because they were the only ones registered there). I waited 4 weeks, including spring break, for a response to my paper proposal. It was returned with many non-constructive comments and 'not-approved' blazoned across the top, as were the proposals for at least half the class.