Hilary Harnischfeger

Dec 2009

Basically a good basic drawing class. Not much more to ask for. A lot of her assignments are really vague and she could work a lot more on giving students direction, but effectiveness can't be argued. Many of the students were significantly better going out than they had been coming in. There's a lot of fundamentals she doesn't bother to really talk about, and she prefer just throwing things at you, telling you to draw, and then giving you a couple pointers when something is off in your drawing--however, this sort of approach doesn't always help students grasp how they should be going about some of the fundamentals (form, line, etc.). She's a lot more about art for the sake of art than trying to get towards technical prowess, which works for some people and doesn't for others. This is one of those courses that's really just whatever you make of it.

Dec 2004

Hilary is awesome. She's funny and fun and flexible and supportive and helpful. I learned a lot not only about drawing but perception and letting go of self consciousness and letting everything just flow. Great class and I had no prior experience. I definitely saw myself improve and she's very honest in her criticisms.