Frank M Caridi

Dec 2013

Not a great teacher and really not that helpful. That isn't the issue though. His exams make up 95% of your final grade and he DOES NOT CURVE EXAMS OR THE CLASS. Our previous exam had a 60% mean and the other midterm had a 73% mean. This means that something like half of our glass is near failing... I literally don't know how he's going to get away with failing this many students buttttt WHAT THE FUCK. He isn't that helpful but the class would be totally fine if he made it fair by curving the class.

Nov 2013

I have never left a review on CULPA, but I feel I need to warn people of "Professor" Caridi. HE IS THE WORST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD, INCLUDING HIGH SCHOOL. He cannot teach at all. Unfortunately, I am a student who goes to his lectures. He goes through pointless PowerPoints the entire class and often incorrectly solves examples. He finally fixes the problem when a grad student points out his error. For the midterms he loves to say "If you have been coming to class, then you should be fine, if not, then good luck." WRONG. The exams look nothing like the examples or HW we do. The averages on the midterms are horrible and HE DOES NOT CURVE. All other stat teachers curve, from what I have heard. Pretty ironic that the worst teacher at Columbia does not. It amazes me how a teacher like this can be hired at such a prestigious university. All in all, AVOID FRANK CARIDI AT ALL COSTS.

May 2013

I had Professor Caridi for Introduction to Statistics with Calculus this past semester. I will try to be as objective as I can writing his review, but just know that bottom line: don’t take his class ever. His classes are 1) very boring and uninspirational 2) useless. You are not required to come to class, but he does take attendance for the record…which is kinda pointless. He stutters a lot and takes a lot of time to talk about one very simple idea/method/technique or he just talks about one concept for the longest time. Caridi’s favorite quote: “If you’ve been showing up to class, then you should do absolutely fine on the test.” ← WHAT? As a person who actually (sadly), went to most of his lectures, I can tell you that is not true because he doesn’t teach you anything. You just have to study off of the book and the practice problems, which also suck. The textbook that is used is really confusing because it doesn't explain much. It gives you a formula and basically you’re by yourself and NO CARIDI DOES NOT EXPLAIN HOW TO DO THE PROBLEMS. Also, for homework. The first 10 or so homeworks (out of 12) were agonizingly (and uselessly) with a required average of about 10-16 (?) problems per homework. AND THEN I think he realized he was being very inefficient and gave us about 3, 4 questions for the last two homeworks each…. I really don’t understand how this guy has been teaching at Columbia and he really just doesn’t know how to teach statistics. Yes, he does know statistics, but he cannot teach. Oh and the tests averages are horrible, but he doesn't curve them. He wouldn't tell us the statistics to the second midterm because he knew the average was crap and he should curve the grades, but again, very stubborn and just the worst enemy for a student. All in all, he is terrible. At one point he really made me angry at the fact that Columbia could have a terrible “professor” like him. If you can avoid his class, then do so.

Apr 2013

I had Caridi for Stats w/ Calc. The class is horrible. The book is the worst textbook I have ever used (no exaggeration); their is zero conceptual underpinning. You memorize formulas from the book, write them down for the test, and plug in numbers without ever knowing what you're really doing. Caridi doesn't help at all; most people don't show up to class because he can't explain things and when the students don't understand he gets mad and yells at them. (He writes before every test, "If you've been showing up to class, you should do fine. If not, then good luck." His perceptions of his teaching effectiveness are wildly inflated.) This class is the culmination of my disappointment with Columbia. We supposedly come here for the great education this school offers, but anything I've learned in this class I've learned through Youtube tutorials. I would advise against taking this class, but (in typical Columbia fashion), you're probably taking it as a requirement. Getting an A isn't too hard; it's finding an ounce of inspiration is near-impossible. I'm sure I'll look back on this class when I graduate and realize I wasted my college years.

Mar 2013

This is the WORST professor I've ever had in Columbia. You learn NOTHING in this class. Don't even bother coming to lecture. It's stupid and a complete waste of time. He sent out this so-called classroom etiquette announcement as followed. He should think about how he can improve the lecture, as it is his own faults that students don't stay until the end of the class. Subject: Classroom Etiquette Students, For those of you who did not hear what I said at end of class here it goes again. I cut you folks a lot of slack regarding attendance. It's not required. I don't make a fuss about people leaving before end of class as long as it is done discretely. Therefore, I expect the same consideration from all of you. Passing in front of the class in the middle of my lecture is distracting and disruptive to me and the rest of the class. In future if you plan to leave early for a good reason please give me a heads up at the start of class and sit on the door side of the room. If you anticipate boredom, frustration, anxiety or simply are someone who can not be patient till the end of class, have the good sense to sit on the door side. If you are not on the door side, then just tough it out till the end of class. Remember that you are always free to express your feelings about the lecture to me in private and in a more constructive way. Please observe this simple courtesy so we do not have any future misunderstanding. Of course, if you are suddenly sick or urgently need a bio-break or some other unexpected emergency arises that requires you to leave, then by all means take the shortest route to the door wherever you are sitting. Thanks for your consideration. FC

Feb 2013

i have never left a review on culpa, but i felt i had to. THIS IS THE WORST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN AT COLUMBIA. FRANK CARIDI IS THE WORST TEACHER. i really don't mean this to complain or hurt anyone's feelings, but you really should try to find a different course or a different section. the book is TERRIBLE, the lectures are worse, and i came out with no more knowledge than i came in.

Jun 2011

Speaking from an English major's point of view (and not one who, by an interesting character-twist, loves math), this was the wrong course to take. I was hoping that I would end up like stats and find it interesting, but it was both boring and difficult. How is that possible? Well, taught myself. Badly. I spent hours on something I was definitely not capable of understanding alone. Yes, I actually did go to every single agonizingly boring 9 a.m. class, unlike half the students enrolled, but Mr. Caridi's power-points are about as helpful as spending a whole class JUST reading Hamlet without discussing it. Not to compare statistics to Hamlet (sorry Shakey.) Not that I intend to take too many more math classes, but I've heard that, while Columbia has many great departments, statistics is not one of them. If, like some people (and believe me, the average for this class was extremely low and NOT CURVED) you are a stats-smart person and think you can handle it, take the class. But don't expect to be thrilled by Caridi's teaching style. Looking back, I should have taken astronomy or something more challenging, but also more interesting. My Advice: 1. Start early, learn the powerpoints before class 2. See the TA 3. DO THE PRACTICE PROBLEMS 4. Don't take this class. :l For serious, not worth it unless you have a particular interest in statistics.

Apr 2011

Although I'm sure Professor Caridi has an excellent knowledge of statistics, he does not have an excellent method of teaching. He fails to teach the concepts, just creates excessive amounts of slides and doesn't explain them well. All this could be manageable if you read the text -- unfortunately he decided to jump around in the textbook a lot and the textbook really requires that you read all the chapters leading up to a chapter --- so it is very difficult to supplement the lectures with the recommended reading. if you take this class start reading the textbook right away on your own.

May 2010

Please re-train the instructor. At such an elite institution it is understandable that brilliant faculty is more synonymous with excellent researchers than excellent instructors. I have gotten used to having to learn on my own more than in the classroom. This class is not the exception. This is where the departments should take a hard look at who they hire. His method of "death by powerpoint" should in no way be considered an acceptable alternative to effective communication of course materials. Though his powerpoint slides are incredibly through, his inability to engage the class, provide an effective method for learning the material, and lack of curiosity as to why his class size was so small except on exam days, goes to show his lack of touch with pedagogical methods. If it wasn't for his TA's, this class would be a nightmare not because the material is difficult, but because you sit and waste an hour an change of your life when it would be better spent in the TA's office hours.