Andrea Aanderson

May 2010

Professor Aanderson is a really sweet person. The course however was interesting but not too inspiring. Aanderson doesn't add her own ideas into analysis, but seems to regurgitate sparknotes analyses. To be fair, I barely did any of the reading and participated minimally in class. She makes an effort to keep everyone engaged, but never singles people out to participate, which avoided any awkward moments of "I didn't do the reading." She changes the syllabus a lot and cancelled one or two of our classes. She's super accessible via email and is always willing to help develop your paper. I was unable to meet with her after class once for our final research paper so she even offered to meet me downtown once. We ended up doing a phone conference, which really helped. She's not offended if you don't consider all of her suggestions, though they're usually just a lot of questions that might help expand your argument.