Elizabeth Leininger

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2012

Liz is a very enthusiastic individual, to say the least. Although the material of FoS is laughably easy for people who remember high school science, she does make an extraordinary effort to assist those who needed the help through slides, study guides, numerous office hours, etc. Also, she provides free food right before the major tests of the course, which is always a plus. In short, she's an amazing instructor and you will enjoy (or be satisfied at minimum) with your experiences in her section. Talk to her about her research; she has interesting stories to tell.

May 2012

Dr. Liz is awesome! She's funny, quirky, and knowledgable! You learn quite a bit in recitation without too many quizzes, etc. I must admit that I find Frontiers to be a pretty boring and worthless class in general (though I think measures are being implemented in order to improve it -- fingers crossed), but Dr. Liz makes it as fun as she possibly can! And I know I sound like a fourth grader by calling her Dr. Liz, but for some reason it reminds me of Mrs. Frizzle and that feels appropriate.

Jan 2012

Liz is amazing! I don’t know why she doesn’t have a nugget yet! Hope she gets one soon! Really thorough in her explanations and reviews and always always willing to help if you need. She’ll find time to extend office hours or anything to make sure you understand the material. She also brings us food and drinks whenever we review for an exam to help us relax :) she’s very understanding and cares about her students. so she’s a really great section leader and person. if you put in the effort you’ll get an A. definitely recommend taking her section.

Jan 2011

Liz as she likes to be known is a wonderful frontiers teacher. This was her first term teaching frontiers, yet she managed to make this an enjoyable class and make the material understandable. She is very pleasant and approachable and always willing to help, she had review sessions for both the midterm and the final and made her self available during finals time to discuss problems and other parts of the material. Her class usually consists of a review/recap of the weeks lecture which can really help with understanding, answering questions people ask during the class or emailed to her during the week and doing the coursewide activities. The midterm and final were manageable. I'm someone who does a lot of science classes and I feel that frontiers with Liz was worth it, yet I think she also made it manageable for those who don't have much of a science background. My frontiers section was from 6:10-8:00 an had the potential to be a drag after a long day but thanks to Liz it never was. In short if you get her, be happy.

Dec 2010

Liz has been AMAZING. She is not only extremely nice and dedicated, but she never grew tired of repeating the same time 5 or 6 times to those of us who weren't good in science. She prepared perfectly for every section, and her notes for midterm/final review were super helpful. She brought us cookies and cider before exams to make it easier for us, and she was just the right mix of informal and professional. I'm pretty sure everyone in the class liked her a lot, and her grading style is absolutely fair. You get points for any sort of logical thinking that could be on the right way to the correct answer. If you get Liz as your section leader, consider yourself lucky!!