Susan Mendelsohn

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2013

Sue was super cool. Not going to say this is an easy class but from my knowledge UW in general is not a walk in the park to say the least. Sue set the class air as one that was casual to improve circulation of ideas. I appreciated the more comfortable atmosphere. Grading: A little stricter on the whole spectrum of things She implements Google Docs which was nice and efficient in my opinion. May be a little harder if you aren't used to using it. She also provided audio commentary to give you a better understanding of what she meant. She also has a pie policy and guys, 10:10 AM UWriting class is so much better with pie.

Jan 2012

Sue is a fantastic UW professor who really cares about her students growing. She's the head of the writing center, and associate director of the undergraduate writing program. UW is her passion, and it shows. If you lucked into Sue in the lottery, breathe a sigh of relief. She's a great professor. If you're deciding who to take, I definitely recommend Sue as long as you're willing to put in some effort. She's very responsive to student feedback. Based on comments from students in the semester those culpa reviews below are from she trimmed way back on the reading for our class. I imagine she may give the next class slightly more reading, since we could certainly have handled it. The actual progressions can be frustrating and difficult for everyone. We were experimenting with some new assignments, which I think was interesting for both us and Sue. She did a pretty good job of helping guide us to complex arguments and great prose. She doesn't provide much feedback on grammar, citation formatting, etc. Hopefully you're already excellent at the basics when you came to Columbia. Keep up with your drafts, and get them to her on time. Her feedback is incredibly valuable. Go in to see her at least once every progression, but more often and you'll do better and be a better writer. You'd be an idiot not to meet with her frequently. Bring pie to class! tl;dr: She's a fantastic UW experience, enjoy.

Jan 2011

Sue Mendelsohn is honestly an amazing instructor! TAKE THIS CLASS! It's honestly harder than the other University Writing sections, but this is Columbia University, so get used to it. Anyways, you should be all right with proper time management. She sincerely cares about her students and offers pie! She'll respect your opinion and offer you a chance to share your thoughts. TAKE THIS CLASS! You will not regret it. You'll get more out of this class than most people (isn't that what the core is for?)

Jan 2011

Sue deserves a Golden Nugget! Right now. I know she is a new professor this semester, and has only had 14 of us as students, but she deserves one all the same. The first day of class I considered switching out because she seemed so intense and assigned us so much work. If you have this sentiment, DON'T SWITCH OUT! Seriously, Sue cares more about our Uwriting class than any teacher I have ever had. Even though she was writing her dissertation and was completely overwhelmed with writing center business, she was so passionate and engaged every class period. In our last class (right before she invited us to her apartment for delicious lasagna), she started tearing up-- the perfect embodiment of her love for teaching and our class. I think I improved so much, both as a writer and a person.

Dec 2010

this woman is da bombbbbbbbbb She's the head of the writing center, she cares sooooooooooooo much about her classes, and she really cares about her kids. I def. became a much better writer thanks to her. Also, she invited us to dinner at her place, we often brought (or she brought) pie and cider to class for all of us. Insightful readings, presentations, videos, etc. This class is hard, but probably the best Uwriting class you could get for your monayz. Sue is also a rockstar at life. She's like the Dos Equis man, but in woman form. Such a boss.