Ngara N'Diaye

May 2015

Noémie is just great. After hearing everyone else's UW experiences, I can confidently say that I was very grateful to have Noémie for UW. She tries her hardest to make the class interesting and relevant to everyone. She holds mandatory one-on-one conferences before you start each progression to discuss your ideas with you. These are extremely helpful and allow you to be right on track with your writing. I NEVER had to rewrite an essay from scratch, because Noémie makes sure your ideas fit into what's expected of you during these conferences. Her grading was very prompt and the feedback she gives is relevant, practical and helpful. I must also add that she has been the only faculty member who I felt cared about me personally and not just on an academic level, which is always great and comforting.

Sep 2014

Coming into Columbia I had doubts about my writing abilities. After taking this course with Professor N'Diaye I felt prepared to handle any writing required of me in subsequent classes. The feedback she gives on Drafts/Essays is very detailed and provided in a timely manner. Although there are many intermediate tasks required before the Final Essay Draft is due, doing each one on time ensures your final product is something you can truly be proud of. If you have her, you are in good hands.