Agnieszka Legutko

Jul 2017

Agi is a lovely person with a fascinating story (she's a Polish Jewish Yiddishist). She's very approachable and definitely wants everyone in her class to succeed. I took this class in Spring 2017 so, unfortunately, I don't think I saw her at her best. She experienced some personal issues which we were all very sympathetic and flexible about but at a certain point it became clear that she should've taken time off instead of continuing to work. She became forgetful and distracted (again, totally fair and human, just not conducive to teaching) to the point where she thought our Final started an hour later than it had been scheduled. As a person I understood but as a student her lack of organization/energy really frustrated and stressed me out as a student. The other thing I would say is that she is a better teacher for higher levels. There were several moments where some of the more adept students just answered other students' questions for her because she didn't understand their question or explain the concept well. Again, I don't think Agi is a bad teacher, but I do think there are some things (whether temporary or permanent) that she could work on.