Yitzhak Lewis

Dec 2017

Yitzhak is the best teacher I ever had for hebrew language. He is nice, understanding, and extremely smart. He teaches the material slowly and clearly, and always makes sure we understand before continuing on. The tests are extremely fair, they're always exactly what we learned in class AND he provides a practice exam beforehand which is extremely similar to the test. He grades fairly, and drops our lowest grade. He is just a great great teacher, and I can honestly say I've learned an insane amount of hebrew compared to before the semester.

Dec 2016

Professor Lewis's class was great. He didn't rush through the material and made sure we got it before moving on. He was happy to answer any questions and very patient. The classroom environment was relaxed but we still got through the material. If you listen and class and study before the tests you will most likely succeed!

Dec 2016

Very good teacher who caters to his students needs. If you don't understand something he will wait until you do and continue to explain it. Overall not a hard course. Tests are pretty easy and he tells you exactly what is on them.