Brett Meyer

Dec 2010

What a horrible class. Although I'm certain that Professor Huber had the best of intentions, his lecturing was disorganized and lackluster on a good day, the readings were tedious and unnecessary, and the TAs tended to grade as if it was a real (not intro) course. Even though we were discussing interesting material, everything seemed boring coming out of Huber's mouth. Don't get me started on Brett's inadequacy both in stimulating interesting discussion and clarifying readings or topics discussed in lecture. (I went to the optional discussion section all of two times.) I'm the type of student who tries to go to all his classes, but this was so painful that I stopped around three weeks in. The only thing that got me through were the relatively well-organized lecture notes that are put up on courseworks weekly. They cover almost everything that you'll need to know for the tests. If you're a PoliSci major and need to fill intro course requirements, please take IR and American. Even if you're going into comparative.