Natalie Beall

Jan 2011

Natlie's great! This class was not too too demanding, we had a project due every Monday. I feel like as a teacher she is young, in terms of learning how to really inspire artistic expression discussion, but definitely getting there. She's on the road to becoming a wonderful professor I think. I had a lot of fun, and I felt like the class was worth my time. We took cool museum visits, and had cool assignments like "draw an interior space using the furniture and works of art you see today" and we were basically sent to roam the exhibit. As someone who's interested in art, I found that the free range she offered was very much appreciated. Also she sent out emails every week of cool images that related to what we were studying. You get in what you put in with this class, and very approachable for all levels of artists. Overall a good experience, I would recommend her.