Nicholas Engel

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2012

As previous reviewers have already written thoroughly on the intelligence, ability, and attractiveness of Nick, I am going to focus on how dedicated he is. Actually, let facts do the talk: Fact 1: He hosted extra office hours the Sunday before Hurricane Sandy landed Manhattan. I believe the last appointment was after 10 PM. Fact 2: That wasn't the only time he hosted extra office hours. He always made time to meet the students, even though he was extremely busy. Fact 3: He would read someone's draft even if that person was not in his session. (there were three sessions in this class) Fact 4: If he ever promised someone something during a conversation, he made that happen. Fact 5: There weren't recitation sessions for Philosophy of Law (there should be!), however he and Jonathan Fine (the other TA) volunteered to host a review session for the students. Fact 5.1: The food at the review session was good. Fact 6: He always made one feel welcomed Fact 7: He said he loved teaching. Fact 8: He was very helpful. Observation 1: He loves philosophy, especially moral philosophy (*meta-ethics). Ask him about it. Observation 2: He gives amazing study tips. Follow them. Conclusion 1: He cares about his students. Conclusion 2: You will miss a lot if you don't get to know him personally. Final thesis: -To students: If you ever get a chance to pick you teaching assistant, I highly recommend you to choose Nick. -To the rest: Tenure him.

Apr 2012

Nick is amazing. First, he is not only extremely smart, but also very clear at explaining concepts. Oftentimes, Professor Morrison was not very clear in lecture/not very prepared for lecture and I was very happy that Nick reiterated what took 20 mins to explain into a 5 minute gist. Also, Nick is responsive to emails and meetings. Go over essays with him before you submit it. I don't know if it is writing a philosophy essay or his writing style, but he often picks out very detailed things that are missed, but you think should be obvious. That said, his grading on essays may be a tad harsh, but as long as you talk to him and heed his feedback, you'll be okay.

Dec 2010

Nick is absolutely wonderful. First of all, he is ridiculously intelligent. He speaks very conversationally about extremely complex ideas, and comes to recitations with a library of outside knowledge to help clarify difficult concepts. His obvious command of the material is very impressive, and he always has an answer to students’ questions. Accordingly, visiting Nick during office hours is extremely rewarding, as he seems to really care that his student’s are on top of the classwork. He's also just a really happy person. He is always smiling, sometimes with no evident explanation, and recitations are consequently extremely pleasant. It is also worth mentioning that he is really attractive.