Marco Scarsini

May 2011

For those of you who are unaware, Probability 4105 is going to be a difficult class, regardless of whatever professor you have. Of all the professors in the stat department, Scarsini, in my opinion, is one of the most qualified and nicest teachers. His quite competent in his teaching ability and his lectures are straightforward and slow paced. During his lectures, he does a good job of balancing: introducing new concepts, proving those concepts, and doing practice problems for application. He will always answer any questions people have in class before moving on to new material, and takes the initiative in making sure his students are understanding the material being taught. During his office hours he will do any problem you want him to, review concepts that you don't understand well, and even provide helpful hints on how to do problem sets. If this is your first class in probability, I recommend you to NOT missing a single class. After week two, is when you start getting into "real" probability and attending class becomes highly important. His lecture notes were the only things I used to do the problem sets and study for the exams, with a few occasions of looking up a few things in the book. The book for the class is not that helpful and does a poor job of explaining the harder concepts.