Ivanna Colonist

Jul 2011

I would like to register my deep satisfaction with this course. Sure, the 3-cornered hats were a little silly, but keep in mind that this is an UNDERWATER BASKETWEAVING COURSE. It is a rigorous field and even its most dedicated and able students sometimes need a reprieve from the poignant and scintillating course matter. The films were insightful and the discussions were pleasureable. I personally thought that the plumed hats and whalebone hoop skirts in the film "Lonley Laurie Crosses the Prairie" were a brilliant homage to the "au naturel" trend in pre-federal American pornography. And I particularly enjoyed the course's section on Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in the field -- and a fox in a frock coate! I would recommend this course. A word to the wise: if you are not comfortable hunting and skinning your own rabbit for the "hands-on" field trip requirement, you may want to sign up for something else. Latex is a no-no in the reenactment workshop. Another side-note: you may need to schedule an hour at the gym every week to work out your other arm.