Richard Horsch

Jan 2014

I generally agree with the previous review of this class. I would recommend this class and this teacher if the subject interests you and because this professor is knowledgeable, experienced in the field and in teaching about it, organized, good at explaining concepts, available, nice etc, I learned more than I had originally expected to in this class. The class (as taught by this professor) does not assume that you know a lot about the American legal system as there are a fair number of students from other countries in the SUMA program. The professor starts with teaching the basics of the set up of the legal system in this country and then proceeds to spend a fair amount of time on the evolution of environmental law starting with common law. He then discusses some of the major environmental laws (CAA, CWA, RCRA, CERCLA, OPA etc) as well as the various possible regulatory approaches to environmental regulation (i.e. of greenhouse gases). The TA (Barbara Berger) was very good - knowledgeable, available, responsive and also nice to deal with.

Nov 2011

Professor Horsch is overall a decent teacher. He very methodically goes through the readings and law cases, and is very attuned to the students' level of understanding. He sometimes does not get to all of the reading so some of the subjects on the syllabus are not covered. However, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the subjects that are covered. He also uses examples from his personal experience as an environmental lawyer to personalize the subject, and often cracks jokes. In the beginning the course was a bit dull but he has begun to more effectively engage students.