Craig Epplin

Dec 2011

The first day of I thought this 30something non-native Spanish speaker was going to be disorganized and kind of scared like most young teachers are. Oh, how I was proven wrong. Craig is one of the few young teachers that has his shit down. His in class activities actually got me excited and speaking instead of awkwardly sitting around. Instead of practicing trite dinner conversations, we talk about cool short stories, politics and crazy situations. He is also super chill and jokes around in class but still maintains the respect a teacher needs to do his job well. However, don't expect to walk through this class and expect to get an A. There isn't a whole lot of work but his expectations are definitely higher than that of my previous teacher (Gonzalez-Soto). I wouldn't recommend his class to anyone just looking to get their language requirement out of the way with as little work as possible. If you actually want to learn Spanish, TAKE HIS CLASS!!!