Patrick Crowley

Dec 2011

I really liked having Patrick for Art Hum. He's really really enthusiastic, and his dry sense of humor made class pretty enjoyable. He was open to student comments and suggestions and seemed to genuinely want to hear from us about what we thought of the class. His technique for facilitating discussion was the only aspect I found lacking. While this may be standard for Art classes, he pretty much asked the same questions about each work at which we looked. (what's happening here? what are the formal elements?) It's totally possible that this is what all Art Hum professors do, but it wasn't really working for me by the final weeks of class. He's a fair grader. I felt sometimes his comments didn't match up with the grade I got, but the grade was usually higher than I thought it would be based on the comments, so hey, that's fine with me. He really wants you to learn about and respect art's journey from the Parthenon to Warhol, and that is a great quality in a teacher. The workload is fine; there are two formal analysis papers, a midterm, and a final project where we got to create our own art exhibit (actually fun). If you get Patrick, stay in the class! You won't regret it. He might not be the absolute best Art Hum teacher, but he is FAR from the worst, and you'll learn a lot.