Ed Miller

Dec 2011

I had this guy for Friesner's recitation course. Apparently, compared to all the other TA's, his quizzes were much easier and he had a nice grading curve if the quiz turned out to be difficult. Other TA's give true/false questions, but Milller likes to make sure that you just understand the general topic. It's okay, but in terms of the exams, I don't think his quizzes prepare you much for it. Also, we would take quizzes that were behind lecture by a couple of classes. It bothered me having to take a quiz on a subject that we had already tested on. I felt like maybe I should be being tested on newer course material. Other than that, I really disliked Friesner's teaching style, but Miller was good about explaining any doubts. I did most of the learning for this course by myself and only showed up to recitation to take the quizzes, but I could tell that others really enjoyed it. He was very accessible through email and replied within a couple of hours.