Michaela De LaCaze

Jan 2013

I echo the previous reviewer’s sentiments -- Michaela is an awful professor. I cannot think of a single student who had a positive experience in her class. I will concede that Michaela, a Harvard graduate, is extremely smart and well qualified to teach this course. However, she is snarky, malicious, and arrogant – a fellow student described her as the reincarnation of pure evil. She treats Art Humanities as a Ph. D. level course and expects far too much from her students. Clearly not having learned from her past mistakes, during one class she gave out her cell phone number to several male students in her class (including two football players) and told them to text her. While Michaela may appear outwardly nice, she is in fact extremely obnoxious and elitist. On one occasion, she emailed all the students one of the papers she wrote during her time at Harvard undergrad, bragging that it was selected as the best paper in a large class. Furthermore, she said that we students are “kidding ourselves” if we expect to get an A-range grade on our final paper at an “ivy league, world-renowned, top-notch university” without first consulting art history books. These books are hidden deep in the recesses of Avery Library and I would not be surprised if they have been untouched for decades. Avoid Michaela like the plague if you want a positive experience in Art Humanities. The only positives about the course are that Michaela regularly lets class out early and cancels class every few weeks.

Dec 2011

She is a horrible TA. I had her for History of Photography. She wears revelaing clothes, grades unjustly, and asked out a guy in our class. She gave everyone C's on the term paper, and nearly failed everyone on the final exam. She went to Harvard undergrad and needs to prove her worth, she's really rude and I can't believe she hit on a guy in our class. SHE'S AWFUL!