Sophia Stamatopolou-Robbins

Jan 2012

If you're interested in the subject, take the class. It wasn't the most exciting one I've taken, but there wasn't anything to complain about either. Prof. Chatterjee knows his stuff, and is always articulate and open to discussion. The texts themselves are really interesting for the most part, and it will change the way you think about Nationalism and how you view contemporary issues. Think the best advice would be to pick a TA who suits you. I can't vouch for the other TA, but Sophia was great. She's organised and on top of her stuff, almost to a fault, but she keeps discussions light and will make sure difficult concepts are broken down and argued thoroughly. She will push you to think past superficial comments, which keeps things interesting too. No regrets taking this class. Liked the subject, professor, and TA.