Isolina Ballesteros

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2003

Isolina Ballesteros is a marvelous teacher. Her class involves a lot of interaction with the students, so be prepared to do a lot of speaking-- 25% of your grade is class participation, if that gives you any idea. A plus was that the class comes with an answer key for all your homeworks-- very helpful for the midterm and final. The class involves a lot of exercises in which everyone in the class has to practice the new structure you were *supposed* to study the day before, and lots and lots of talking. Be prepared to be put on the spot-- you better know your stuff. However, she never got upset with her students and really loves teaching the class. She is a wonderful Spanish teacher, and you will learn a lot in class. One final warning however:: *NOT* a blow-off class. Be prepared to study for those tests, or you will do horrible. They are *extremely* nitpicky. But if you're willing to work hard, the class is extremely rewarding and you will come out of it loving both Spanish and the teacher.

Dec 2002

She is an amazing professor who really knows about European film and, being that she's originally from Spain, she knows a lot about Europe "from the inside". I highly recommend this class although the discussion gets a bit tedious and dumb at times, but what discussion doesn't? Take this class if you care about immigration/gender/European issues. A little bit of everything

Nov 2002

I cannot praise her enough. She always knows what she is talking about and she is articulate. The work load is some reading (very informative) but mostly the films and a few papers. Sorry though...she won't be here next year so if you are can get into her spanish intermediate II class do it!!! you won't regret it.

Jan 2000

This woman is incredible. First day of class last year- walks in wearing a diesel leather mini skirt. Not only did she look great, but right away one could tell that she was the ultimate woman and dammit, she was here to teach Spanish. She has the type of presence that when she walks into the room, everyone is aware of her. Think: grace and intelligence combined with harsh sexuality. To top it off, she's a fabulous teacher. She demands lots of class participation and preparation before class. If you don't like challenging spanish classes or talking in class, stay out of her section. But if you like these types of professors, you will learn more spanish in he class then you learned during those 3 (or more) mind- numbing years in high school. It's not grammar anymore, it's all about vocab and fluency. The class had fierce debates in spanish ranging from Lorca to modern human conditions. You don't bullshit her. I didn't even attempt to make my usual elaborate notebook drawings for fear of her catching me in a moment of daydreaming.