Licia Fiol-Matta

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2003

I don't know how the class was for the person who wrote before me, but I personally absolutely hate Fiol-Matta. First of all, in my opinion, she picks favorites whom she allows everything and to whom she mostly talks. So if you are in her favorites, great for you. If not, you probably should be out of the class. I must admit she is very educated women, knows her stuff and plans her classes well. However, Fiol-Matta is extremely biased. She only hears what she wants to hear and cannot stand the sign of divergence. If your opinion on literature happens to not entirely coincide with hers, you are WRONG. (When that happens on the essays or exams, of course, it's worse.) Her choice of the literature may be rather weird.

Jun 2002

Even though Prof. Fiol-Matta can seem a little moody at times, she isn't that bad. If you show up to class, participate, and see her in office hours from time to time, you'll be okay. She is a generous grader if she knows that you're working hard and that you care. I didn't even feel that she expected too much from people doing their homework. Just make sure you don't fall behind cause she'll still hold you responsible for the material. Her tests aren't took tricky-they're basically like the exercises from the book, but occasionally you'll need to know the list of vocab. But there are so mnay other components to your grade that you should be okay. Overall, if you're in Intermediate Spanish, you'll be fine with Fiol-Matta; I though she was pretty approachable in person and via email. The final is cake cause all the Spanish profs. have to write it together and they can't cover too much material cause they go over some different stuff in their individual classes. Just know the tenses well and somewhat of the main novel/work (ours was Cronica).

May 2002

Licia ia an amazing Professor. I loved this course becuase it coverd a wide array of Puerto Rican literature and culture. She is very well read and knows her history well, which is intimidating at first. Once you get to know her you see how much of an interesting person she is.

Jan 2002

licia is great. she's incredibly intelligent and very nice. unfortunately the class could have been better. i've heard that she's much better teaching upper level classes.

Jan 2002

Intimidating and very cynical/funny but also brilliant. She does not go by the text, at least in this class there is no text - just a coursepacket filled with the most diverse stuff, some well-known but other you'd never have found on your own. The lectures are dense but so illuminating. the only problem is that she assumes that you know about a third of all the academic/anthropology/who-knows-from-where terms that she knows - and you may not, I didn't. I think she's a hard grader, but I was so terrified of failing I ended up doing well, maybe she's not that hard.

Jan 2000

An intense, well-read engaging woman. Not shy about her leftist beliefs, but she does not shove them down your throat. Prof. Fiol-Mata encourages her students to speak, and respects them greatly if they have done the reading and digested it fully. Power, sexuality, race and nationality were among the major themes of Latina Literature.

Jan 2000

Great for subjects surrounding Puerto Rico, but she can be overly academic in her literature courses and lose sight of reality.