Rhiannon Stephens

Nov 2019

Professor Stephens is a wonderful professor. I've taken two classes with her- East African History and Health and Healing in Africa. She's very accommodating and always willing to speak outside of class. I also really appreciate that she doesn't let students get away with BS commentary- she might challenge you or ask you to demonstrate where your argument can be found in the reading. Many students in her classes have also never taken a course on African History, and she was never judgmental about what students did not know, which I really appreciate. Overall, Professor Stephens is really nice and friendly, and pushes her students to do well. Take her if you're ready to learn something new and willing to put the work in.

Nov 2013

Professor Stephens is a fine professor. I had her for African Civilizations, a seminar Core requirement. She is straightforward, fair, and unassuming. She isn't going to knock your socks off, but she definitely knows her subject matter. I would take a class with her again. She expects you to participate, going as far as to call on you directly if you haven't been contributing to the discussion. Just do the reading and the rest takes care of itself.